How Long Does It Take for Wisdom Teeth to Heal

We have all heard of wisdom teeth and even had them grow in our mouth but we don’t know what they exactly are. In precise words, wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that grow late in life, that is during the teenage years or the early twenties of a person. If they grow properly in alignment with the rest of the teeth, there is no issue. But in most cases they end up out of alignment and make it difficult for the individual to handle them. For example, one can’t eat or talk properly if the positioning of these wisdom teeth is not proper. This is the reason why in most cases they are extracted because if they are not in their correct position, then there is really no use of them in the first place. Tooth extraction can be a complicated process especially if it is of a wisdom tooth. The process has been described briefly below:

Wisdom Teeth and Their Healing

wisdom tooth healing timeWisdom teeth extraction can be a little trickier than a regular tooth extraction because the position of a wisdom tooth cannot be always predicted. It can grow in any direction from any place so the procedure that has to be performed also becomes a little more complicated than usual. But if both the doctor and the patient cooperate properly, a fairly pain-free tooth extraction can be ensured. All one has to do is take proper precautions before as well as after the procedure to make sure the recovery is speedy.

Like any other tooth extraction, the process starts with the dentist administering local anesthesia to the gum tissue surrounding the wisdom tooth. This is so that you do not experience any kind of pain during the process of extraction. While it is true that the process itself is fairly pain-free, when the anesthesia starts to come off, the individual can start experiencing the pain. This is to be expected and one should be prepared for the pain.

The next step in the extraction process is completely dependent on the dentist. The dentist has to loosen the area of the tooth to be extracted and then slowly pull it off. In a normal extraction since the tooth is already a little loose this step does not take much time but if it is a wisdom tooth then since the gums are healthy and tight this can take a little more time and effort to complete. But once the area is loosened, it is quite easy to remove the tooth. Once this has been done, the next step is the cover the area so that the blood gets a chance to clot. This is an important step because if the blood doesn’t clot properly, that can give way to an infection.

Usually it takes only about a week for a wisdom tooth to heal. But the individual that has got their tooth extracted has to take extra precaution to ensure that they are assisting with the healing process. For example, one has to stay away from drinks that are too hot or too cold. Eating spicy food or food that is too hard to chew is also restricted to allow the healing process to take place properly. If there is a risk of infection, one can take medicines accordingly so that the infection doesn’t spread to the rest of the teeth. One must also take care to not brush in a very hard manner because even that can aggravate the situation. If proper care is taken and all the precautions are followed, the healing process can be sped up and made easy as well.


Any dental care procedure or treatment has to be done under the guidance of an expert medical professional. Most people tend to neglect their dental issues and in most cases try to self-diagnose and self-medicate. This can be extremely detrimental to the individual, especially if something has been done with the use half-baked knowledge. To avoid any such risks, it is best to seek a professional opinion on even the most minor issues. This will result in safety as well as a quick healing of the issue. Wisdom teeth can be especially tricky because they are unavoidable and yet ignored by most people. So get a proper medical opinion and proceed accordingly for best results.