Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Dental health is something that needs constant attention and care. If you ignore your teeth and oral health, then even the smallest of issues accumulate to become a serious issue which then needs an even more serious measure like root canal or worse, tooth extraction. When the infection in the tooth increases too much, then it becomes inevitable to extract it. The process of tooth extraction can only occur after proper consultation with the dentist and when it has been established that there is no other choice but to remove the tooth to relieve the patient of the pain. An infectious tooth can cause a great amount of pain and that is why it becomes necessary to get it pulled out as soon as possible. There are some measures that one has to take in order to heal properly from a tooth extraction. All the necessary steps have been described below. But before that let us look at the procedure of tooth extraction briefly.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

tooth extraction aftercareThe tooth extraction procedure is quite simple, so to speak, and does not take too long as well. Any dental procedure has to be prefixed by a complete and thorough examination. Only when the situation has been properly analyzed can the right decision be taken. When the symptoms first start showing up, one has to immediately consult their dentist and get to the root of the problem. Quite literally too. This is the first and foremost step and it cannot be ignored under any circumstances. Depending upon the situation and the level of seriousness of the issue, various treatment methods can be adopted to try and solve the issue.

But a tooth that has decayed too much cannot be salvaged in all cases. Too much neglect and bad dental care results in this issue. Once the tooth has deteriorated to this level, nothing can be done further. No treatment can improve the situation or restore the health of the teeth. The only solution in such cases is the extraction of the tooth. It can be painful but it is inevitable in cases where the existing pain is unbearable as it is.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

The following are some of the measures that have to be taken by anyone that has gone through truth extraction.

  1. Take appropriate medication

The first and foremost thing that one has to follow is the instruction of your dentist. There are some drugs that are very important in order for the gums to heal after the tooth extraction. These drugs have to be taken regularly based on the instruction. Most people think that once the extraction is over, they don’t really need to take the medicines anymore. But this is wrong. The gum has to heal from inside. And this can only happen with the assistance of medicines. Moreover, there is also a risk of the infection spreading to the nearby areas if it is not healed properly. Drugs play an important role in doing that and therefore one has to carefully follow their doctor’s instructions.

  1. Eat with caution

This is another important area that needs focus after tooth extraction. One has to be extremely careful about the food they eat because the wrong foods can have a really detrimental effect on their gums and teeth. For example, if you are eating way too spicy food or too much sugar then that can aggravate the situation and make gums a lot more susceptible to increased infection. So it is best to opt for soft foods that are easy to swallow and chew. In fact, if one has got more than one tooth extracted, then it is highly recommended that they only take liquid foods for the first couple of days.

  1. Do not brush your teeth

While dental care is of extreme importance, one has to be careful not aggravate the current situation with daily tasks such as brushing one’s teeth. This is an area that needs a lot of focus because brushing your teeth is a task that we mostly do on autopilot. And since all dental care products like toothpaste and mouthwash are a little abrasive in nature, they can increase the pain that one is experiencing which basically results in the worsening of the condition. This is one of the reasons why doctors recommend not to brush your teeth immediately after getting your teeth pulled out. After a day or so, one can rinse their mouth gently with some lukewarm water. Make sure that the water is not too hot or too cold because even that can increase the pain in teeth.

  1. Change gauze pads as and when necessary

This is a step that has to be done under the supervision of your doctor and their instructions. If the blood does not clot immediately, then it is important to apply some gauze pads in the area so that the blood can be soaked. And equally important is to change them as and when they become entirely soaked in blood. Otherwise this can lead to an entirely new infection which is not good for the healing of the teeth.

  1. Do not indulge in any physical activity

It is extremely important to rest after your body has gone through something as traumatic as a tooth extraction. Even though small in size, a tooth extraction can cause a lot of pain and any physical activity can only worsen the situation. If you exercise too hard or indulge in any hard physical activity, then the bleeding is bound to increase which is not a preferable situation for the healing of the gums and the teeth.


Even though tooth extraction is a process that causes a lot of pain in individual, if the steps mentioned above are followed properly, that pain can be reduced to a great extent. It can be a little difficult to go back to your daily life with so much pain in your teeth but slowly and gradually, once the area has completely healed, one can ease back into their schedule.