Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one area that needs regular maintenance and attention. It is very easy to slip off the routine and end up with unhealthy teeth. In fact, it happens to most of us. Whether it is an external factor like adulteration and presence of toxic substances in objects of everyday use or a more internal factor like consumption of saturated sugars on a daily basis, the effects can be seen all over the body, including the teeth. The first sign of any abuse to the teeth is on its color, or lack thereof. It so happens that teeth tend to lose their natural whiteness with time. The more the dental health is neglected, the more the discoloration of the teeth, visible.

So there may be several reasons for the teeth losing that healthy white appearance, but with massive advancement in the industry, dental health has developed leaps and bounds to accommodate our cosmetic desires pertaining to the teeth. Whitening of the teeth is one such process, where through various means; the natural white color of the teeth is restored again.  A few common things that have a negative effect on the color of teeth include caffeine, sugar, excessive exposure to fluoride contaminated water, regular smoking and even drinking wine which is known for its staining properties.

Visiting a Dentist’s office is an option that a lot of people use but these days there are products available in the market that can be used by individuals safely in the comforts of their homes without any kind of supervision. There are some natural ways to whiten teeth too. Natural ingredients like baking soda and lemon extracts are abrasive in nature that helps with the whitening of the teeth to a certain extent. They may not be as effective as these other measures immediately but are generally great for people who prefer natural and organic solutions to our modern day issues.

Best Teeth Whitening Products

Teeth are usually whitened using some sort of bleaching agent that has an abrasive effect on the teeth. Some known bleaching agents that work on the teeth are hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide and glycerine. These are the fundamental chemical solutions that are used in various forms to whiten the teeth. Whitening toothpastes, whitening strips, whitening kits, whitening gel and pens etc. are some popular products for getting this process done by individuals. Following are top teeth whitening products in the market.

Whitening Gel

white 360 professional teeth whitening gelThe process of tooth whitening has several different ways of execution available today. Gel is one such method where an individual can easily carry out the procedure without any professional supervision from a dentist. Tooth whitening gel basically comes packaged in syringes which have to be applied on the teeth. Once there is equal distribution on the area where one wants whitening of the teeth, it has to be kept on for the stipulated amount of time that usually lasts up to thirty minutes. This process has to be repeated at least five times on five consecutive days for best results. After consistent application of these gels one can see a significant change in the color of their teeth.

More often than not, whitening gels are accompanied with trays or molds that can be filled with the gel and then firmly applied to the teeth. This helps in keeping them in their position for a longer time so that one gets maximum results. One should always be careful about the gel not making any contact with the gums as that can cause irritation and in severe cases rashes and pain too. Teeth whitening gels are extremely popular among those who are looking for a really long lasting solution for this dental issue.

Teeth Whitening Strips

Crest 3D Luxe Whitestrips Professional EffectsWhen the process of whitening the teeth first came into the picture, there were only a couple of options available that had to be undertaken at a dentist’s office. Molds or trays were the only way one could get their teeth whitened. But with the passage of time and advancement in innovation and technology, a lot of different options have come to the fore. One of the most popular such option is the whitening strip. Tooth whitening strips are basically just strips that one has to adhere to their teeth for the stipulated amount of time in order to get their teeth whitened.

Almost all of the popular dental brands have their own range of whitening products in their array and strips are probably the most popular choice among the customers. All one has to do is firmly place this whitening strip on their teeth and leave it on for about thirty minutes to an hour. For really effective results, this has to be done consecutively for at least a week. In a mere week, a drastic change is visible and one can see that their teeth are visibly whiter. The flexibility that comes with these strips is one of the major benefits of this product.

Whitening Pen

white360 teeth whitening gel penAs the name suggests, a whitening pen refers to a tube that contains some form of whitening gel that can be used on the teeth for some instant results. This is a product that offers immediate results so this is really suitable for those urgent meetings or special events where one might not have enough time to invest in dental aesthetics. Using a whitening pen becomes very easy during such time. There are several methods of whitening ones’ teeth but this one is one of the simplest methods out there.

Owing to the portable size of these pens, they can be carried anywhere and can be applied anywhere according to ones’ levels of comforts. Since all one has to do is apply a thin layer of this gel on their teeth and keep it on for a couple of minutes, it is very less time consuming too. The results are immediate and with regular usage, can become long lasting too. Tooth whitening pens are definitely all the rage now. All the big brands have come up with their own range of these pens that are compact and portable to use and carry wherever one wants and at the same time, they are effective too.

Tooth Whitening Toothpaste

Colgate Whitening ToothpasteSo toothpaste is something we use every single day. In fact, it is one of the first things we do each day. So when all you have to do to make your teeth healthy and white is replace the toothpaste, it is basically one of the easiest things to do. Earlier it was thought that whitening toothpastes won’t be much effective because they are left on the teeth for a long time. But as the industry developed and innovate its own products, even the whitening toothpastes got effective.

Today, there is no top dental brand in the world that does not produce whitening toothpastes. They are easy to use and would not take up any extra time from one’s schedule because brushing of teeth is as normal as second nature to us. One precaution that must be taken, however, is that spending too much time working up this toothpaste on one’s teeth can cause sensitivity and sometimes irritated gums. So following instructions is very important here. With regular usage, only within a few weeks, one can see a significant change in the color of the teeth. They are back to their healthy white shade and manage to give you that confident smile.

Tooth Whitening Kits

Dr. Diamond Complete 3D At-Home KitWhitening kits are primarily meant for individual use in the comforts of their home. They are to be used following the instructions given for best possible results. A standard tooth whitening kit might include a paste that basically preps your teeth for the upcoming procedure. This toothpaste has to be used before starting the procedure. It makes sure that there is no residual build-up on the teeth which may interfere with the effectiveness of the whitening gel. The kit next has a mold or a tray in which the gel has to be poured. This tray can be gotten from one’s dentists’ office which ensures that it is in the exact shape of your teeth for best results.

The tray has to be then filled with the whitening gel given in the syringe and firmly placed inside the mouth on the teeth. After keeping it on for up to at least a half hour, the tray can be removed and the teeth washed. This results in visibly whiter teeth that last for a long time too. Whitening kits are extremely popular for their long lasting and sustainable results. In most cases, if proper precaution is exercised then the effects last up to several years without fading away.

Laser Teeth Whitening

laser teeth whiteningLaser tooth whitening is a process where a person’s discolored teeth is whitened using the laser technology. This method of tooth whitening has come to the fore only recently and is gaining more and more popularity by the day. Lasers are basically strong beams of light that can be used in various skin and dental treatments. Dental procedures involving lasers are generally a little bit on the costlier side but the treatment is long lasting and there are no side effects.

The actual method of laser tooth whitening is carried out by focusing strong beams of light on the required area of the teeth. This removes any discoloration or spots from the surface of the teeth and makes them white. A benzoyl peroxide solution is also painted on the teeth before the lasers are focused on the teeth. This enhances the effects of this treatment and makes the results even more long lasting.

Side effects

Laser tooth whitening is generally a safe process that does not result in any complications or side effects. But getting a proper professional opinion before embarking on this process is always advisable. Doing a thorough research to find out the best option suitable to one’s own needs and specifications also goes a long way in the success of the treatment. Any effects of laser whitening are only immediate and not permanent at all.

Common issues like sensitivity of the teeth and irritation of gums is found to be prevalent for a couple of days after the treatment is done but other than that, there are no bigger or more complicated side effects resulting from this process. Pregnant women, however, are not advised to get laser whitening as that may cause harm to their health. Apart from that, this process is safe for almost everyone and can give a person long lasting effects.

Pros and cons

Laser whitening is a quicker process than other traditional methods of dental whitening. Using the traditional trays or molds filled with a whitening gel consumes a lot of time. It has to be done once a day for at least five consecutive days for long lasting results. The entire work of five days is done by laser whitening in a matter of a couple of hours. So that is one very important benefit of laser whitening. Another benefit of this process that can be listed is that it is done only under professional supervision. So while using other teeth whitening methods at home is easy and doable, getting it done by a professional makes the process safer and more relaxed.

There are no major side effects or cons of laser whitening apart from some mild gum irritation and sensitivity of teeth which only lasts for a couple of days after the treatment. But these are effects that are experienced with even other methods of tooth whitening. One thing that can be listed as a con of laser whitening is that it is a little expensive when compared to other methods. But the results are long lasting and it doesn’t take as much time so that makes it a very viable whitening method.

Teeth Bleaching

Having a perfect set of teeth is one of the most important things for every one of us. It may be a small part of our body but healthy and aesthetically strong teeth go a long way in making life easier for us. But most of the time dental health is ignored and one of the most common resulting effects of that are pale yellow teeth. A tooth bleaching is a method where this effect is reversed and the teeth are restored to either their natural white color or even a stronger shade of white according to one’s requirements.

The bleaching agent is generally made up of peroxides. The two most common peroxides that are very useful as effective bleaching agents are hydrogen peroxide which is also known as carbide peroxide and benzyl peroxide. These bleaching agents are used in various forms such as gels, liquid and even in tooth pastes. They help in removing the outer layer of the teeth, also known as enamel, which has been destroyed basically and discoloured and hence restore the teeth to their former white state.

Teeth Bleaching Side Effects

Teeth bleaching techniques are generally considered to be very safe. In the beginning, when this process was new, it used to be done only under a dentist’s supervision but these days the process has become so easy that anyone can safely apply the teeth bleaching methods to themselves in the comforts of their home. Two of the most common side effects of teeth bleaching are gum irritation and teeth sensitivity. But these effects are not long lasting. They go away in a couple of days.

If one has sensitive teeth then it might become a little difficult to handle the first two days after the treatment. Eating anything can be painful but as mentioned above, this effect is not long lasting. Gum irritation is another issue which is caused only if the bleaching agent comes into contact to the gums. So this can be avoided by taking proper precautions and making sure that the gel or the bleaching agent is confined to the area of the teeth only. Apart from these two, there aren’t any complicated or long lasting side effects that result from a teeth bleaching process.

Pros and Cons of Teeth Bleaching

A tooth bleaching is generally a safe process with not many complications or side effects. It is pocket friendly, in that it doesn’t cost much to get this done and hence accessible to everyone. With the advancement in the medical industry, various methods of teeth bleaching have come to the fore that is even easier than their predecessors. Nowadays, almost everyone can get their teeth bleached either by their dentist or in the comforts of their home by themselves very easily. Having a good set of teeth adds a lot of confidence to one’s personality and makes life a lot easier to go through.

As for cons of teeth bleaching, apart from the small issues of gum irritation and teeth sensitivity, there aren’t many deterrents to teeth bleaching. Dental health is very important to one’s overall well being. So this process actually draws attention towards a better maintenance of one’s dental health.

Professional Tooth Whitening

Professional tooth whitening refers to the process that is done in a professional environment such as at the dentist’s clinic. The beginnings of tooth whitening procedures started out as professional procedures only. They were done only by a qualified professional and in a setting where all the necessary equipment is easily found like in a dental clinic. But as the process got more and more easy, the market started to be flooded with whitening kits that could be used at home by individuals.

This gave rise to a lot of different brands and companies to come up with their own range and type of whitening products that are currently being used widely all around the world. A professional tooth whitening process is fundamentally similar to any other kind of whitening method. The only difference is that it is done by a dentist in a dental clinic. This method usually includes molds or trays that are then filled with a bleaching gel to get the teeth to a whiter shade. The molds are also prepared by the dentist using the exact measurement of your teeth. The bleaching agent is sometimes a proprietary formulation of the dentist or a commercial product available in the market is also used.

Side Effects

Since professional teeth whitening process is no different from any other kind of whitening method, there are no side effects that specific to this particular method. The general side effects of applying a bleaching agent on your teeth include sensitivity and gum irritation. This method is no different. The teeth tend to become a little sensitive after each session and it can last up to two or three days after which it goes on its own without any measures to be taken. Another issue is that of gum irritation.

This is caused by the bleaching agent because it is abrasive in nature and gums are usually very sensitive. In severe cases, the gums can even be burnt because of the leakage of the whitening gel onto the gums. So care has to be taken while applying these methods. The quantity of the gel in the tray plays an important part in this. It has to be less than half of the size of the tray or there is a risk of leakage.

Pros and Cons

One of the major benefits of getting a professional tooth whitening is that it is done under professional supervision. Many products are available in the market that gets the job done but if it the first time for an individual; the process can get a little complicated. To avoid any risks related to inexperience, it is best to get one’s teeth whitened in a professional setting where all the necessary facilities are easily available.

The procedure, however, can get a little expensive when compared to other methods of tooth whitening that can be done at home. It can also be a little time consuming as it involves going to the clinic and then spending a couple of hours there.

Natural Tooth Whitening

natural tooth whiteningTeeth whitening is a common procedure that is becoming more and more of a rage by the day. Pearly white teeth are basically a symbol of good dental hygiene. There are many reasons why people opt for tooth whitening processes. It can be either a cosmetic reason or a medical reason but either way, there are several ways of getting the job done. A lot of people do not like artificial or chemical exposure so they prefer natural options. Natural teeth whitening procedures are perfect for such people. There are no unwanted side effects of using natural ingredients and they are mild enough to not cause any irritation or pain to the teeth. The fact of the matter is that there are many things available to us in nature that is very effective in making the teeth white. All one needs basically is an abrasive material so that the discoloration on the enamel of the teeth is gotten rid of. Some very common natural ingredients that are helpful in doing this are lemon juice and baking soda. They are both abrasive in nature and that’s why very effective in eroding the unnecessary build-up on the teeth resulting in the whitening of the teeth. Another effective natural ingredient is turmeric. Even though it is pretty yellow in color, its antiseptic properties help in removing all the bacteria from around the teeth and make them whiter.

Side Effects

One of the most important benefits of natural teeth whitening is that there are absolutely no side effects of this process. Since all the ingredients being used in this method are natural, there are no unwanted side effects of this process. With chemical formulations such as benzyl peroxide and hydrogen peroxide, there is always a risk of gum irritation or teeth sensitivity but with natural tooth whitening process, there is no such risk. They are mild in nature so do not cause any rashes or irritation to the gums either. However, if one is allergic to any of these natural ingredients then that may cause some issues but that does not apply to everyone. Precautions should be taken anyway.

Pros and Cons

The truth is that there is a lot of adulteration in chemical substances found in the market advertised as one thing but they turn out to be something else. Many people these days are opting for natural options so that there is no risk of exposing oneself to these harmful chemicals. The benefit of natural tooth whitening is that there is no harm, long term or short term, in this method. Another benefit is that all of these natural ingredients are easily found in every kitchen. So they are amazingly pocketing friendly. This process can be easily carried out in the comforts of one’s home and hence it is time saving too. Natural ingredients take time to show effects. So consistency is very important. Only with regular usage can one see adequate results.

Teeth Whitening Cost

Laser Tooth Whitening Cost

Tooth whitening is an affordable procedure that can be individually done at home. There are many options available in the market these days that cater to the needs of different individuals based on their specific requirements. Things like teeth whitening gels and pens and trays are easily available in the market from different brands. One of the more recent techniques in the teeth whitening arena is the laser teeth whitening method. It is becoming popular because of the ease with which it can be done and also because it is less time consuming than other methods. On an average it only takes one or two hours for this treatment to be finished.

As per the cost of laser whitening treatment, it might differ from clinic to clinic. But on an average, the cost of this treatment method hovers around $300. So it may look like it is a little costly on first look but the fact that it generally takes only one session to complete the treatment make it a very viable option.

Professional Tooth Whitening Cost

Professional teeth whitening method refers to the procedure done at a dental clinic under the supervision of a qualified dentist. The costs in this method generally vary from dentist to dentist. It can cost you from $450 to $650 per three sessions. At least three sessions are required to get optimum results because the bleaching agent takes time to show the results. It is true that the same teeth whitening kit may cost less if it is used at home. But professional supervision is also a factor that has to be kept in mind before weighing in the cost of different methods available.

The molds or trays in which the whitening gel is poured in are especially prepared by the dentist based on the measurement of each patient. They are basically custom made trays made by the dentist. So all these costs factor in while deciding the final cost of the treatment. Professional teeth whitening may look like an expensive option but the truth is that if it is the first time that an individual is opting for teeth whitening, then it is preferable to do it in a professional setting with proper guidance. As one gains practice, it can be done at home.

Natural Tooth Whitening Cost

Natural teeth whitening is probably the cheapest option of all the teeth whitening methods available to us today. All the ingredients necessary for this process can be gathered in less than $100 or may be even less. In most cases one does not even need to buy these ingredients as they are readily available in their own kitchen. The flexibility that natural tooth whitening offers is incomparable with the rest of the options. Common ingredients like lemon extracts and baking soda are very effective in the whitening of teeth. The only thing required is enough consistency. With regular usage of these ingredients, one can see visibly whiter teeth with time. Natural tooth whitening process is very affordable and accessible for everyone.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

cosmetic dentistryNot every one of us is blessed with those perfect set pearly white teeth. A good set of teeth gives a person confidence to conduct them in a charming way. A lot of people get very conscious of their teeth. After all, they are what we use to smile. And a smile is an important part of our personality. With the advancement in technology and medical procedures, many methods have come into the picture that just weren’t there before. Today, you can get your teeth properly aligned with a very small procedure that is not at all invasive. Cosmetic dentistry refers to all those procedures which are basically carried out to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the teeth. The industry is currently booming with its varied procedures that can correct even the worst of issues pertaining to dental health.

Its Procedures

There are many procedures that come under the umbrella of cosmetic dentistry. As the name itself suggests, most of these procedures are done only to aesthetically uplift the appearance of the teeth of a person. But in many cases with the correct alignment of the teeth, there is an improvement in oral health issues too. The bite of a person, for example, greatly improves after a correction of misshapen teeth. The following are some procedures that come under cosmetic dentistry.

  1. Bleaching or whitening of teeth: This is a fairly common procedure that whitens the teeth of a person. Common bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide and benzyl peroxide are used in the process of whitening the teeth. There are many ways of getting this done. Teeth whitening gels, trays, pens and toothpastes are some commonly available methods of this procedure.
  2. Bonding: Some people have some very visible gaps in between their teeth. This can make a person very uncomfortable and self-conscious. It can also cause other issues like the food getting stuck in between the teeth etc. Bonding is a method where a specific material that is in the same color as the teeth is filled in the empty space. This helps in enhancing the appearance of the teeth too.
  3. Contouring and reshaping: Teeth are generally not symmetric. In some severe cases, the asymmetry can be a little overwhelming. To correct this problem, the larger teeth are contoured using very sharp tools and the entire set of teeth is made to look a bit more uniform. This is also a very popular method that has been opted by a lot of people.
  4. Veneers and crowns: Veneers refer to the porcelain pieces that are placed on the teeth to cover up any misshapen, chipped teeth or uneven teeth. This process helps in the covering up of any deformity and restoring the appearance of the teeth. Crowns are also similar tools that are placed on top of the teeth to give it a good shape and appearance.

Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has been around for quite a while now. Scores and scores of people are adopting these procedures to give themselves a boost of confidence and also to correct these issues so that their oral health is always up to the mark. While it can be a little expensive, most of these procedures are long lasting which means that one has to invest in these procedures only once in their lifetime. This makes the investment worth the value because a good set of teeth go a long way in providing an individual the necessary confidence.


There are many things that need to be kept in mind before jumping into a teeth whitening procedure. Things like sensitivity and gum health matter in the effectiveness of the process one is adopting. People with sensitive teeth, for instance, are prone to a feeling of sensitivity in their teeth that can last up to a week after the treatment has been done. Similarly, if the gel that contains the bleaching agent makes contact with the gums, there can be unnecessary irritation and rashes. One should proceed with precaution and utmost care.  Tooth whitening is becoming more and more common with each passing day and easier methods of doing this are also coming to the fore. It is up to the user to research their needs well based on their individual specifications and choose a method of teeth whitening wisely.

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