Opalescence Teeth Whitening Review

Teeth whitening products truly come in all different shapes and sizes. There are so many different types of methods that one can use to whiten their teeth that it is truly mind boggling. It is completely dependent on the user to choose the method as well as the product that suits them the best for getting the desired results. Teeth whitening is something that cannot be ignored anymore. Firstly because, a good set of teeth results in a lot of things from confidence to self-assurance. And secondly, when there are so many options available in the market for this issue, then it doesn’t make sense to not use them. The following is the review of an effective as well as affordable product that assists in whitening the teeth to a great extent.

Review of Opalescence Teeth Whitening

Review of Opalescence Teeth WhiteningThe Opalescence mint flavor syringes consist of a teeth whitening gel that has to be exposed onto the teeth for the removal of stains as well as reinstating their white color. The syringes, first and foremost are easy to handle. The size is perfect and there are four syringes that can be used over a period of more than a couple of weeks. Since this is a very cost effective package and the gel lasts for a considerably long period of time as well, this is the best bargain for an effective teeth whitening product available in the market today.

As for the procedure to use these syringes, all one has to do is fill up the mold with the gel and place it in a firm way on the teeth. After letting it sit for at least an hour, one can remove it and wash off the gel from their teeth. The molds can be bought from the market as well but they are also specially made by the dentist. So when you go to your dentist, you can ask him to create customized mold for you which is in the exact shape and size as your teeth. This will ensure that the gel properly reaches every part of your teeth and also whitens all of them equally.

The mint flavor of this gel is welcoming and quite pleasant. Most teeth whitening gels usually have no flavor and it can get a little cumbersome to keep the gel for a long period of time. So the flavor actually helps in making the entire experience a little more enjoyable. One has to also be careful about the quantity that they are putting in the molds. Too much gel can result in irritation to the gums and sensitivity to the teeth. The Opalescence teeth whitening syringes can definitely be ranked as one of the top products in the teeth whitening department.

Pros and Cons

A major advantage of this product is that it comes in easy to handle syringes. This is the easiest way to fill the molds with the gel. Any other way just results in a lot of mess. Also, the quantity can be easily measured using these syringes. Excess quantity can harm the gums and the teeth as well so this is very useful in avoiding such a situation. Cost effectiveness is another good thing about this product. It is affordable at a very reasonable price so it is accessible to everyone. This makes a huge difference in how a product is perceived in the market.

The only thing that can be categorized as a con as far as the Opalescence teeth whitening gel is concerned is that the mint flavor can be a little too strong for some people. If you prefer a more subtle flavor then this can feel a little too much.


Even though there are several teeth whitening products available in the market these days, it is always best to go for the most reputed one which is trusted by everyone. This particular teeth whitening device has such a reputation. Moreover, it comes from a brand that is known for giving effective results. So if you want to whiten your teeth and can’t decide which product to go for, then try the Opalescence teeth whitening gel to get that perfect smile in no time at all.