Marvis Toothpaste Review

The dearth of brands that create the products that we want is not an issue that we face in the age of capitalism and consumerism. Whether for our benefit or not, the truth is that there is a long, long list of brands and then their own range of products available in the market today. Even something like toothpaste has loads branding behind it. And luxury brands are not new in the dental industry either. There are many luxury brands that provide elite products to their customers that are effective and functional along with being luxurious too. So Marvis toothpaste is one such product and the following is its review.

Review of Marvis Jasmin Mint Toothpaste

Marvis Whitening Mint ToothpasteThe features of this product are not really any different from a regular toothpaste but the quality might differ. This is a premium product that has its own set of attributes that we will discuss here. The first thing to note is that the Marvin jasmine mint toothpaste is an effective one that despite its luxurious quality, works pretty well as a toothpaste first and foremost. So if you are battling common dental issues like tartar or plaque build-up or even bad breath, then this toothpaste can work wonders for you.

Its special formulation ensures that your teeth are left clean and refreshed after brushing. And it keeps them that way long after the brushing is over so that is a great attribute to have in toothpaste. The next thing to note and an important feature that is noticed by almost all the customers is its wonderful flavor. The slightly floral jasmine with a touch of mint makes up for a very good combination. It literally makes the tedious process of brushing your teeth every morning a pleasure. The mint is not too strong and yet it is there to freshen up your breath and get you ready for your day.

Pros and cons

The biggest pro of a product like this is that it gives you that luxurious feel that we all crave for. So having a toothpaste that is not from a drugstore can definitely make you feel extra special. And if that is not enough, then the effectiveness with which this toothpaste fights all the germs and bacteria in your mouth and keeps it completely clean should do the trick. The packaging is another area where this product has scored full marks. It is subtle yet very stylish and this is a product that will definitely come under the category of fancy.

The only thing that can be considered a con about this product is its high price. It definitely does not fall under the category of affordable. But then no premium product does. So if you can afford this toothpaste, there is a good chance that you will not be able to go back to your regular one again.


As mentioned above, this toothpaste has definitely been a little steeply priced. But that is to be expected of a premium product. If one keeps aside the matter of price for a bit, one can notice that it is a very effective toothpaste that works very well on the teeth and helps in maintaining good dental health for a long time. So the price should not be that much of an issue in this case.

Final Verdict about the review

As with any product, there are good things and not so good things about this product as well. The key is to see which side of the margin outweighs the other. If you like the product and want to use it, then the price should not change your opinion. One can definitely invest in a premium product to feel a little premium oneself.


There is no hard and fast definition of a good product. It changes from individual to individual and their own specific likes and dislikes. The Marvis toothpaste is extraordinary toothpaste that has a lot of great qualities. It is an effective product that is good at its job plus provides you with that premium feel as well. So if you are looking for toothpaste that does all that, then this is the perfect purchase for you.