Lumist Whitening Strips Review

Our modern lifestyles have wreaked havoc on hygiene and our general health. There are many aspects of health that have been ignored by us owing to the irregular work schedules and a chaotic routine in general. We get caught in the moment and forget that small things accumulate together to become bigger problems. While they these issues maybe invisible to us in the current moment, they become difficult to manage in the long run. It is best to tackle even the tiniest of health issues in the present than to postpone it to the future where things can actually get unpredictable.

Dental health is one such area. It is ignored by almost everyone until they face a problem themselves. It is said that the pain in the teeth is one of the most unbearable pains out there. Though it is small in size, a toothache can actually cause a lot of hindrances in one’s routine. There is no substitute to a good oral hygiene when it comes to dental health. There is no magic wand that will undo years of neglect. But thanks to the development of technology in all aspects of human life, there is one small issue that can be fixed using artificial means. And that issue is of whitening of teeth.

Lumist Whitening Strips

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Lumist is a revolutionary brand of teeth whitening strips, which in their own words, have a patent pending formula of whitening teeth in very less time in comparison to the other teeth whitening strips available in the market. The claim is that it will take only one third of the time as the other teeth whitening strips. The process is also very simple. This is a powerful whitening strip that whitens your teeth up to 5 shades lighter.

Steps to Use Lumist Brightening Strips

  1. First you need to buy the Lumist whitening strips.
  2. The next step is to apply the whitening strip on your teeth. Do it by properly placing it over your teeth and make sure that the entire area is covered. Press on the strip gently until you feel like it is in place and will not move.
  3. After that, all you have to do is waiting. Keep the strip on for at least one to two hours so that the whitening strips can start working their magic. During this time, you can do anything you want and even drink water if you want.
  4. Repeat this process for at least five days for best results.
  5. Make sure that the strips are placed firmly on your teeth and there is no leakage of the chemical onto your gums as that can cause irritation.

Review of Lumist Whitening Strips

As far as these whitening strips are concerned, they live up to the expectations and the claims made by the company itself. Lumist whitening strips will be a serious competitor of popular crest whitening strips in upcoming months. The teeth are whitened to the required shade and these strips are also easy to use. The following are some observations gathered from using the Lumist whitening strips:

  1. The Lumist teeth whitening strips are easy on the gums. This product does not use hydrogen peroxide so the gums are not irritated by these strips. Instead of the hydrogen peroxide, these strips use Carbamide peroxide which is a lot more sensitive towards the gums and is not abrasive at all.
  2. The strips are very easy to use. In fact, anyone looking for quick boost to their teeth appearance can use these strips by themselves without any issues at all. It is very easy to place the strip over the teeth as it holds in its place for a long time.
  3. There is gel that might leak from the strips so that is always a great thing. The leaking of gel can cause irritation to the gums and since there is no gel issue with Lumist whitening strips, these are definitely more preferable.
  4. The strips stay in their place without moving at all so you can easily talk and move and carry on with your routine tasks without any issues. One can even exercise while having these strips on. There is absolutely no danger of them falling off.
  5. The shade of white is not too bright and glaring and it lasts for up to six months which makes this product a long lasting and durable one.
  6. And lastly, the cool peppermint taste makes this whitening strip even more usable.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Lumist Whitening strips are priced very reasonably and for the results that they offer, they are definitely a must buy for anyone looking to safely whiten their teeth. The usage is simple and the whitening effects last up to six months. A visible difference can be seen after 5 days of using these strips. The Lumist whitening strips are definitely the popular kind of strips of all the over the counter whitening strips available in the market today. One can expect one’s money’s worth for sure after using these whitening strips.

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