How to Remove Tobacco Stains From Teeth

Tobacco is a substance that has many side effects on an individual’s health. The more serious repercussions of regularly consuming and using tobacco based products are well-known to everyone. Deadly diseases like oral cancer can wreak havoc on a person’s health. Consumption of tobacco leads to many other ailments like tooth decay, gum disease as well. But a more common side effect of tobacco is staining of the teeth.

This is a very common issue faced by a lot of tobacco users. Even when people try to quit tobacco there is not much that they do about the stains on their teeth. This can be aesthetically unappealing and can hinder a person’s social life. Thankfully, there are many dental care products that address this issue quite effectively. Additionally, there are some efficient natural methods to remove tobacco stains from teeth as well.
The following are some such methods and their brief description:

Ways to Remove Tobacco Stains from Teeth

remove tobacco stains from teethThere are two main approaches for removing the tobacco stains from the teeth. One way is to go for commercially available teeth whitening kits and the second one is to use natural methods to do the same thing. While the first preference may be to go for teeth whitening kits, it is important to remember that there are some really effective natural methods that do the job as well. The following are some ways that can be used to remove the tobacco stains from the teeth.

  1. Teeth whitening gel

Teeth whitening gels are very popular and they are available in all major stores very easily. What’s more is that there are many brands that have come up with their own range of teeth whitening gels. All of these products have different features and one can choose the most suitable product for them. Teeth whitening gels work because of the carbamide and peroxide solutions present in their formulations. To get the best results, one has to expose their teeth to the gel for a substantial amount of time and make sure to repeat the process every single day for at least a duration of two to three weeks. Once the first round of treatment is over, one can decide whether or not to repeat the entire procedure depending upon the results.

  1. Going to the dentist

The best option is to visit the dentist. When one is in doubt, it is best to get a professional opinion. In the beginning of any issue, it gets a little difficult to analyze all the options and their results. So getting an opinion from a qualified professional can only do well to a person. Chances are, your dentist will also recommend the same dental care products that are available in the market but there is also an option of the dentist doing the whitening procedure himself. To avoid any mistakes, if you are new to the whole concept of whitening teeth and are struggling because of the tobacco stains, then going to the dentist is a highly recommended option for you.

  1. Teeth whitening molds and strips

Just like teeth whitening gels, there are teeth whitening molds and strips also. The molds are simple trays designed to carry the gel and place it on the teeth. All one has to do is fill the trays with enough gel (that is up to the hallway mark so that it doesn’t overflow towards the gums) and place the mold or the tray firmly on the teeth. Once the tray is set, you have to wait anywhere from half an hour to a full hour so that the gel starts working its magic on the teeth. This is one of the most bankable methods of whitening one’s teeth as it has been done for decades by scores of people.

The teeth whitening strips are similar as well. Instead of the molds, these are just strips that need to be placed on the teeth and waited upon. Using the strips is a rather easy task compared to the teeth whitening molds as one doesn’t really have to bother with the filling of the trays with gels etc. It also takes considerably less time. Some teeth whitening strips are powerful enough to handle tobacco stains but one has to choose the right one to serve their needs.

  1. Teeth whitening toothpaste

Teeth whitening toothpaste is also pretty popular in the market these days. The key advantage of this particular method of teeth whitening is that it hardly takes up any extra time out of an individual’s schedule. The five minutes that you expand to brush your teeth anyway are used in the whitening of the teeth as well. There are many strong teeth whitening toothpaste that are capable of removing stains from tobacco as well. A dentist’s recommendation can suggest the best toothpaste that can get the job done well.

  1. Natural teeth whitening methods

The truth is that there are many effective natural methods of teeth whitening and one can easily make them work for them without the use of any commercially available products at all. Some of the most popular methods of teeth whitening that are also natural include baking soda, banana peel, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide solution. Baking soda, for example, is an excellent choice for whitening one’s teeth. Tobacco stains are hard to remove but if applied regularly, then baking soda can definitely do the trick. Similar is the case with lemon juice and banana peel as well. These are ingredients that are readily available to everyone. So using them shouldn’t be much of a problem.


When it comes to tobacco stains, the key is consistency. Since they are very hard to remove, adopting a solution and then applying it consistently is definitely the important part. There are many natural as well as commercial options that one can choose from. To get the best results, one must consult their doctor and adopt a method that suits their teeth as well as their life style.