How to Pull a Tooth

Pulling out a tooth is the last resort of any dental treatment. Also known as tooth extraction, it is a procedure that is fairly common all over the world. Dental problems are not uncommon no matter where you are from. They can be a result of a lot of factors, both internal and external. But the important point to note is that most of these issues can be avoided by paying proper attention to one’s dental care regimen. It is a known fact that dental issues accumulate slowly and gradually over a long period of time. So whatever you are doing now will have a result way into the future. Even the smallest things that we neglect matter when it comes to dental issues. When all kinds of treatments fail and there is no other choice, tooth extraction is the only option. There is a procedure as to how it has to be performed as well and it is described below:

Procedure of Pulling Out a Tooth

pull a toothAny dental procedure has to be prefixed by a complete and thorough examination. Only when the situation has been properly analyzed can the right decision be taken. When the symptoms first start showing up, one has to immediately consult their dentist and get to the root of the problem. Quite literally too. This is the first and foremost step and it cannot be ignored under any circumstances. Depending upon the situation and the level of seriousness of the issue, various treatment methods can be adopted to try and solve the issue.

But a tooth that has decayed too much cannot be salvaged in all cases. Too much neglect and bad dental care results in this issue. Once the tooth has deteriorated to this level, nothing can be done further. No treatment can improve the situation or restore the health of the teeth. The only solution in such cases is the extraction of the tooth. It can be painful but it is inevitable in cases where the existing pain is unbearable as it is.

Sometimes, when the tooth feels loose in the mouth, it can be tempting to extract it by oneself. But that can be very, very dangerous and one should always refrain from doing something like this. For starters, the tooth is connected to the nerves deep inside the gums and pulling them can cause a great amount of pain. Secondly, if it is not done properly, the infection can get aggravated and spread to the adjacent teeth. And lastly, if something goes wrong, then not having immediate medical attention can be a source of great discomfort and pain. To avoid all these issues, one must visit the dentist and get their tooth pulled out professionally. It is definitely the safer option of the two.

Another reason why one should not attempt to do this at home and go to a dentist is that the medical supervisor can administer local anesthesia which means that you will not experience any pain at all. This is the best way to move forward when you are suffering from an achy tooth that has decayed beyond repair. Once the area where the tooth is has been number with the help of anesthesia the doctor can get ready with his tools to begin the process of extraction. The tooth has to be wiggled out slowly and steadily. Since the surrounding gum is also affected and in some cases may be swollen as well, the dentist can try remove parts of it so that the extraction of the tooth becomes easier.

Once the extraction is complete, there is a whole set of instructions to follow so that the issue is not aggravated and the infection is healed properly. This is an important step that should not be ignored. Teeth infections are tricky and can lead to bigger problems. That is why taking care of them immediately is the best way to move forward.

Even after the tooth has been pulled out, remember to take precautions for at least a week so as to ensure that the extraction are has completely healed and is free from all kinds of infections. Avoid drinking hot or cold drinks. Do not brush your teeth too vigorously or even floss the area where the tooth has been pulled from. The idea is to let the area heal properly and not to disturb it with any kind of harsh brushing methods. One should also take care to not eat any hard foods. Even something like biting too hard can make the infection verse. All these precautions are extremely important to ensure proper healing of the area.


Even when dental experts are in the picture, tooth extraction is a procedure that requires a lot of training for them to master. It is a very complicated process that can result in a lot of pain if proper care is not taken. In most cases, the tooth is left alone until it falls off by itself but in some cases, because of the decay in the tooth, the pain becomes unbearable. Tolerating that pain and going about one’s daily routine can be a very difficult task. It really hinders one’s schedule. This is the reason doctors opt for tooth extraction in some cases. One has to make sure that this is the last option available and the person who is doing it is experienced enough to carry out a comparatively pain-free procedure.