Dr Georges Dental White Gel and kit Review

Dr Georges Dental White gelAlthough many of you may not accept it, it remains a fact that all of us are aging by the day. The natural aging process brings various side effects with it and pale teeth are one of the most common characteristics of aging.

Staining of teeth also occurs due to their natural wear and tear and our eating habits. Thankfully, there are effective teeth whitening products such as Dr George’s Dental White gel and Kit available in the marketplace that can quickly reverse this darkening process. In following Dental White review, you will learn more about this effective home teeth whitening kit.

Dr George’s Dental White Kit features a highly potent 16% carbide peroxide formulation that has been proven to be highly effective for teeth whitening over a period of time.

It is common knowledge that high concentration of carbide peroxide can prove harmful for the health of tooth pulp. Hence, it has been made sure that the carbide peroxide contained in this White solution does not exceed 16% at all.

Reducing the carbide peroxide concentration any less than 16% cannot deliver the desired results. Hence most of the over-the-counter home teeth whitening solutions available in the marketplace, consisting of around 10% concentration of carbide peroxide have not been successful, as they take too long to deliver the expected results.

What all is contained in the Dr Georges Dental White Kit?

  1. 120 ml of carbide peroxide gel
  2. 2 after-care gels
  3. 2 mouth trays
  4. Complete instructions
  5. Blue light accelerator

When ordering this Kit you can select from different kind of packages. In the context of this review we will focus on the Express Whitening and After-care package as it consists of all the components to get started with effective home teeth whitening.

In case you have already tried other brands of home teeth whitening kits, you may already have the necessary mouth trays. So, in that case perhaps you can opt for a cheaper package.

How to correctly use this gel and kit?

The makers of Dr George’s Dental White solution claim that regularly using their kit will lead to noticeable whitening results in a matter of two weeks. You are required to use the product for only about 30 min every day to experience 11 shades whiter teeth within two weeks.

The mouth trays which come with Dr George’s Dental White Kit are required to be preheated in hot water for them to be melded correctly, in order to take the exact shape of your teeth.

The 16% carbide peroxide teeth whitening gel must be squeezed into the mouth trays once they cool off properly. Thereafter the mouth tray must be pressed gently onto the teeth and kept as it is, for at least 30 min every day.

Dr Georges Dental White gel and kit benefits

  • It consists of 120 ml of 16% carbide peroxide gel, which as per its makers, is almost 4 times more in comparison to the quantity of gel in any other home teeth whitening kit available in the off-line as well as online marketplace, for the same amount of money.
  • The gel used in Dr George’s White Kit is the same one which is normally employed by most of the dentists, however, in case of Dr George’s product; it can be had at a comparatively cheaper price.
  • This gel and kit can be easily bought online, easily stored and used for almost 2 years’ time period.
  • The teeth whitening gel in this kit features the most apt formulation and concentration of carbide peroxide along with other ingredients, in order to provide the best results without causing any discomfort to the user.
  • Dental White gel can be easily applied at any time of the day, from within the comfort of home, even while reading a book or watching television.
  • It is completely safe for use and has even been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the US.

Our verdict

Dr George’s gel and Kit are highly effective and safe home teeth whitening method, provided that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly as per the book and give it the necessary time required by it to work.

How much does it cost?

Dental White home teeth whitening kit packs are not expensive if you compare them with whitening treatments.

Where to buy Dr Georges Dental White gel and Kit

Dr George’s teeth whitening products are available on Amazon. You can buy them from Amazon here.