Crest 3d white toothpaste review

There are hundreds of toothpastes in the market which claims to whiten your teeth within a day or week. But very few of them work. Today I am sharing my experience with one of the best teeth whitening brand in the world that is Crest. Check detailed reviews of top 2 Crest 3d white toothpaste.

Crest 3d vivid whitening toothpaste review:

Crest 3D vivid whitening toothpaste reviewI ordered Crest 3d vivid toothpaste first time two months ago. Honestly spending more than 3 dollars on toothpaste was a big thing for me. I still remember the reaction of my roommates like “are you mad or you don’t know the other ways to spend money”? When toothpaste arrived we read each and every instruction on the box I don’t why but probably we want to check what is special in that toothpaste and why its price is high.

I started using that toothpaste from the next day. On day one I feel that the taste of this paste is very different than my inexpensive ordinary toothpastes. I am not saying the taste was great or the taste was bad but it was just a different for me. It was fresh and minty. Though the taste was different the feel of toothpaste was really nice. I was feeling very fresh and the freshness keeps on going throughout the day. I am not a kind of person who carries toothpaste and brush to clean teeth every time after eating something.  Therefore for me it was working like a charm. After a week result was really impressive. My teeth were looking brighter and clean. It is not only about whitening your teeth but the feeling this toothpaste gives you throughout the day is very important. Because no matter how white your teeth are if you don’t feel the freshness of mouth you won’t like it.

After a month of use my teeth were really looking bright. I felt that I spend money at best place. During that one month I never felt sensitive issue with this toothpaste. Only one thing I feel which can improve in this toothpaste is its taste. I think it is little stronger for first time users. The company claims to whiten teeth in only two weeks but I think one month is the average time because of the different conditions and the frequency of using this toothpaste. So without any hesitation I will recommend this best-selling whitening toothpaste to everyone because I personally used this paste. I think its much better than other teeth whitening mouthwashes in the market.

Crest 3d luxe glamorous whitening toothpaste review:

Crest 3d luxe glamorous toothpaste reviewAs I already said Crest 3D vivid is best seller in the market but one more impressive crest whitening toothpaste is there which has more ratings than crest 3D vivid. It is Crest 3d white Luxe glamorous toothpaste. Its average rating is 4.8 out of 5. When I read the reviews of customer one thing I felt about this paste is that it is one of the most trusted whitening paste in the market today. So what is the difference between these two great products? Crest luxe glamorous is anti cavity specialist. Company also claims that it gives you results in less than a week. This is really amazing because people are happy with the result of this paste. So this is not only claim but it works well.
I never used this product before but after reading all these amazing reviews and customers’ response I want to try it soon. So my final thought on this toothpaste is that it is not as popular as above one but it is as good as crest 3d vivid. If you are also concern about tooth cavities then you must go with this toothpaste because it is anti cavity paste. What about the price? Price of this paste is not much. There is no difference in price so if you are still confused which one you should buy then understand your requirements first and then take an action.
Hope these reviews of top 2 crest whitening toothpaste will help you to buy the best toothpaste for you.