Reviews of 5 best toothpaste for dogs

Dental care for pets is an important aspect of having pets. Most pet owners tend to neglect this but thankfully, this subject is slowly gaining traction. This is in part because of the plethora of products available in the market for dental care of pets, dogs in specific. They are quite useful and can come in quite handy in maintaining the overall wellness of the dog. The following are some of the most popular products available in the market for keeping up the dental health of the dogs and their reviews as well.

Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dog Toothpaste

Nylabone Flavored Dog ToothpasteMaking dog use toothpaste is not the easiest job in the world. It takes a lot of effort and training on the owner’s part to get their pet used to the whole exercise. So when a toothpaste is peanut flavored, the whole process kind of becomes easier. The flavor makes the dog accept the toothpaste which then leads to the owner easily brushing the dog’s teeth.

Some dogs even get excited and readily let their owners brush their teeth just because of the wonderful flavor of the toothpaste. As for the performance of the toothpaste itself, the results can be quite effective and long lasting. Since it is not easy or even feasible to brush your dog’s teeth every day, doing so even on alternative days can be quite useful. The effectiveness of the toothpaste combined with the natural peanut flavor makes this toothpaste a must buy for any responsible pet owner.

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Arm & Hammer Pet Care Toothpaste & Brush Set

Arm & Hammer Advanced Pet Care ToothpasteArm & Hammer has been in the business of pet dental care for over a hundred years now. No wonder then that it is one of the most trusted brands as far as dental health solutions of dogs are concerned. They have a huge range of products that come in different flavors that appeal to your canines. This particular one is in the flavor of poultry. It is important to consider the flavor of the toothpaste before anything else because if it does not feel appealing to the dog, then it is almost impossible to get them to obey to the whole entire act of brushing their own teeth.

That is why it becomes necessary to try out a lot of different flavors to see which one your dog likes best. The Arm & Hammer advanced pet care enzymatic toothpaste comes with a brush too so there is no need to separately buy a brush for the dog. It is infused with baking soda which not only cleans the teeth thoroughly but also whitens them to a great extent.

ARK Naturals Chewable Brushless Toothpaste

ARK Naturals PRODUCTS for PETSSometimes, your pets can be quite a handful. No matter how much you try to train them to do some task, at the end of the day, it all depends on whether they want to do it or not. Brushing the teeth is one such thing that can get very tricky. Some dogs take to the task and let their owners brush their teeth very easily but some don’t. There is a simple solution for those who have stubborn dogs too. This chewable toothpaste is exactly what you need if your dog is a little stubborn as well.

There is no need for a brush with this product. All you have to do is feed your dog this bite size chunks of toothpaste and the flavor will attract them to chew on the product long enough to improve their breath and keep their mouths clean. This product is becoming very popular lately as it saves the pet owners a lot of time and energy as well.

Spread Heads Toothpaste Pete Dog Cap

Spread Heads Toothpaste CapsA simple task like brushing your teeth can cause a lot of mayhem in homes that have children in them. For some reason, most kids do not like brushing their teeth. Maybe the task is a little too boring for them and as it is, it is hard for the kids to stay in one place for more than two minutes. If only there was a way to make the process of brushing one’s teeth fun and exciting. Thankfully, there are enough creative people in this world to make that happen.

The Spread heads toothpaste caps is a product just for you if you are tortured by your kids who don’t want to go anywhere near the tooth brush and the tooth paste. The bright and colorful design of these caps makes the kids want to brush their teeth every day. The dog cap works like a charm every morning. These caps simply make the same old boring process of brushing the teeth so fun that the kids can’t resist the task anymore. They are available in many different colors and animal shapes.

BioteneOratene Veterinarian Maintenance Gel For Animals

Biotene Oratene Gel For AnimalsThe BioteneOratene dental gel is a product that has been around for a long time now. In fact, it is a brand that is trusted by a lot of pet owners and their range of dental care products for animals is commendable as well. This particular product is a maintenance gel for dogs. Basically it is a dental gel that can replace the brushing of teeth of your pet.

If your pet does not adhere to the whole task of brushing the teeth and gives you quite a hard time over it then this product is perfect for you. It is very easy to use this product. All you have to do is rub some of this gel on to the gums of your dog and it will keep all the bacteria away from your dog’s mouth. There is no need to separately brush your dog’s teeth as this gel does all the cleansing and fighting the germs.


Dental health of pets is not a matter to be taken lightly. It is very important to take care of your dog’s teeth and the fact that there are so many ways to do so can only be an advantage for all the pet owners. Another great thing about these products is that they are available in so many different flavors. Even if your dog does not like one flavor, you can always go for another one.


The only con of a product like this can be that it takes a little bit of time for the dogs to get used to them but that is a bargain that is worth taking up for all responsible pet owners.