Best Teeth Whitening Products

Best teeth whitening products enable us to get rid of the stubborn plaque, yellowness, stains and other enamel damaging colors that ruin the whiteness and shine of our teeth. In our busy day-to-day life we consume various things that have an adverse effect on our teeth or our oral health but since we do cannot restrict ourselves from eating or drinking things like tea, coffee or sodas, we tend to consume them anyway, despite their effect on our teeth. With healthy teeth whitening products to prevent our teeth from permanently losing its sheen, we have a way to get back the lost luster of our teeth.

A beautiful smile is an important aspect of a person’s personality. Once lost, it might take a lot of time and money to restore the whiteness level of your teeth without the whitening product. Going to dentists for whitening treatments can be both, expensive as well as time taking. Therefore, home teeth whitening products are not just a smart and easy way out but also very helpful and economical for the use of common man. These teeth whitening kits come in various designs and trends to enable us to use the without any discomfort and at our will, whenever needed.

Teeth Whitening Strips

teeth whitening stripsOne of the smartest and innovative techniques of teeth whitening at home is the whitening strips kit. These teeth whitening strips are very easy to apply and at the same time provide no discomfort to the user either. The use of peroxide is done on different levels in different whitening strips. The best advantage that there is of using whitening strips is that they do not cause any irritation to the gums since they are not exposed to the gums.

The whitening strips have the cleaning solution applied on its inner layer. It is this gum like the chemical solution that works add the bleaching agent and removes all the stains from the teeth. The only disadvantage is that it only cleans the areas where the strips touch the teeth and not the ones where it doesn’t. Of the various types of teeth whiteners available in the market, this one offers maximum efficiency if applied properly. You just need to stick it properly across your denture and leave it for about five to fitted minutes. After removing, instant results of using it can be seen.


  1. One of the most popular and profitable products.
  2. Easily available in over the counter medical stores.
  3. In as early as three days, one can see dramatic results in the whitening of teeth.
  4. Very affordable as compared to dental clean-ups or laser treatments.
  5. Easy to apply and long-lasting effects.
  6. Very efficient way to boost up the confidence with a dazzling and white smile.


  1. With repeated use, the enamel wears off leading to sensitivity.
  2. Cannot be used by people who have sensitive teeth.
  3. Pregnant and nursing women and suggested not to use this.
  4. Contains a bleaching agent which can prove fatal to the enamel of your teeth.
  5. Is not effective on deep stains for which dental clean-ups or other treatments should be done.
  6. The results are not permanent and after six months have to repeat the procedure.
  7. One has to maintain the results by flossing and regularly brushing twice or thrice a day.

Teeth Whitening Kit

AuraGlow Best Teeth Whitening KitA teeth whitening kit is like a cleaning kit that contains within it all the ingredients, tools, and objects needed for the cleaning and whitening of teeth. Teeth whitening kits enable a person to clean their teeth and free it from the stains that have worn down the shine of their teeth enamel. They come in three different types, namely- whitening gels, whitening trays and whitening strips. Depending on their comfort, a person can choose whichever suits them the best.

These whitening kits have a formula that contains bleaching agents like peroxide and other chemicals. These are applied on the teeth either in the form of gels and strips, or they are used a solution used for dipping teeth in. After having applied, they need to leave it on the teeth for a while before removing it. The maximum waiting time is half an hour. During this interval the agents in the solution or gel work on the teeth and make it up to three levels whiter, shinier and cleaner again. However, like all chemically based things, these too have a certain adverse effect on the teeth and it is advisable to consult a dentist before using these whitening kits, especially if a person has sensitivity or peroxide irritation issues.

Pros of Kits

  1. An effective and long-lasting way of whitening the teeth at home.
  2. Better results than a whitening paste or a strip.
  3. A quick way to boost the shine and radiance of your pearly whites.
  4. An easy to use the kit at home.
  5. No need to pay a huge sum at the dentist.

Cons of Kits

  1. A more complicated procedure than compared to whitening strips or gels. All the steps have to follow instructions.
  2. Regular use leads to wearing off the enamel leading to sensitivity and irritation.
  3. More costly than a whitening paste or gel.
  4. One has to abstain from coffee or such stain-inducing food items after using whitening strips for some time.

Teeth Whitening Gel Products

white 360 professional teeth whitening gelCoffee or wine stains and yellow teeth can be a big embarrassment for people who need to make the public appearance. However, the use of best teeth whitening gels prevents one from going through such troubles by offering a safe and effective method to get the clean and shiny set of teeth. One of the basic principles on which these whitening gels work is the principle of bleaching. Needless to say, these gels do contain certain harsh chemicals that whiten the enamel again and give it back its old luster, but if used as per the guidelines offered by the makers, it causes to damage.

These gels are to be applied to the teeth and all the area of the teeth that is exposed and where your hands can touch (an applicator can be used too) and then it shall be left for a time suggested by the providers. The gels with the higher concentration of peroxide shall not be left for a longer time, but those with low peroxide concentration can be left for as long as required. Once it dries, it can be peeled off. It is to be noted that the gel should be completely dry before removing or else the results are not up to the mark. It is easy to use and a simple method for cleaning the teeth of a person at home itself.

Pros of Using Whitening Gel

  1. Portable and very small which enables it to be carried everywhere.
  2. Enables last minute touch ups to your teeth to remove ugly food stains.
  3. Dental cleaning every time can be very costly and time-consuming; this one proves to be a super quick method of obtaining a dazzling smile.
  4. The bleaching agent is very effective to clean and whiten your dull and yellow teeth.
  5. Can be done in 10 minutes straight.
  6. Whiter teeth boost one’s personality and confidence.

Cons of Using Whitening Gel

  1. The bleaching agents such as a peroxide in the gels can cause increased sensitivity of your teeth which leads to problems later.
  2. Bleaching agents also wear off the enamel of the teeth which can cause tooth decay and sensitivity.
  3. Can be a little expensive if you wish to buy gels without peroxide.
  4. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid using whitening gels.

Teeth Whitening Trays

best teeth whitening trayTeeth whitening trays are another feat in the world of teeth whitening. They are said to be the safest and easiest method of teeth whitening at home because they do not require much help from a dentist or any third person either. It is also the most efficient method of teeth whitening since it works better than all other methods of teeth whitening.

In the tray kits, some trays are custom made to fit the teeth and they have to be filled with the solutions that contain peroxide and other cleaning agent made to fit in it.  Once poured, these trays are molded and made to fit on the teeth of the user snugly. After wearing it, one needs to leave their teeth dipped in this solution for about 15-30 minutes before removing to allow full time to their teeth for cleaning.

It is to be noted that first time users should keep it for less time so that they do not develop sensitivity issues or irritation in their gums due to this. After removing it you can see the desired results. These trays are the best home cleaning kits since they work the best one the enamel of the person using it. They are even effective in removing stains which have been there for years. While the dentists might charge a good fortune for this same process in a hospital, doing it with home teeth whitening kit is much cheaper and easier.

Pros of Whitening Tray Products

  1. There is a more permanent effect with wearing whitening trays.
  2. The gel placed inside works for longer on the teeth.
  3. One can eat or drink even after putting the whitening trays over the teeth.
  4. One is required to wear it for up to 4 hours per week for better results.
  5. Custom made whitening trays can also be ordered for better results.
  6. Teeth look healthier and whiter, and this boosts the confidence of the person.
  7. A tray covering the upper and lower tooth filled with gel makes sure that all the sides of each tooth are covered with the whitening gel for better results.
  8. Many types of custom fitted trays are available with gels ranging from no sensitivity to highly sensitive teeth.

Cons of Whitening Tray Products

  1. One may find it irritating to wear the tray for prolonged periods.
  2. In over the counter available trays, there is a possibility of the gel leaking out or ill-fitting trays which in turn do not actually remove the stains.
  3. Custom made trays have to ordered which takes some time and a little bit costlier.
  4. One has to floss and brush daily to maintain the shine of the teeth.
  5. May lead to a sensitivity in the teeth after prolonged use because of the presence of peroxide and other bleaching agents in the gel used to put inside the tray.
  6. One should avoid chewing tobacco or smoking as this may lead to staining again.

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Opalescence Whitening ToothpasteFor the people who have sensitivity issues or gum irritations, it is not advisable to go for the cleaning kits that have about 40% concentration of peroxide in them. These can make the sensitivity even worse. Best whitening toothpaste is an alternative for teeth cleaning that poses to harm to the teeth and gums and can be used on a regular everyday basis for cleaning the teeth. There is numerous teeth whitening toothpaste available in the market today and the users have a wide array of options to choose from.

Teeth whitening toothpaste work on the simple principle of peroxide bleaching. They might not be as effective as the other teeth cleaning kits like trays and strips but they are also hazard free up to some extent. However, it is advisable to consult your dentist before starting to use toothpaste for whitening on the regular basis as the chemical contents might be a threat. Nonetheless, it can be said that if you do not have a serious case of dirty or stained teeth you can stick to whitening toothpaste only and not use the other cleaning kits regularly.

Pros of Using Whitening Toothpaste

  1. A good option if your teeth are only mildly stained and you want to whiten them.
  2. Boosts one’s confidence by displaying pearly white teeth and a dazzling smile.
  3. A cheaper option than whitening gels, strips, trays or pens.
  4. Something that one does out of routine and hence no extra caution or attention is required.
  5. These contain fluoride along with whitening agents which strengthen the teeth, and one need not worry about weakening the enamel.
  6. Easy to use just like regular toothpaste with no complicated instructions to follow.
  7. Regular use results in prolonged effects with no need to reminding oneself to do the treatment again. It easily becomes part of daily routine.

Cons of Using Whitening Toothpaste

  1. Not very useful for deep stains and residue for which one has to use other effective products.
  2. As this is not special treatment, one forgets to be cautious with dark staining foods and takes it lightly and hence fails to see results.
  3. These kinds of toothpaste contain more abrasive substances like silica which can be harmful to the teeth.
  4. Results can be seen after weeks of using them only and cannot give quick results.

Best Teeth Whitening Pen

white360 teeth whitening gel penWant to impress everyone with a dazzling white smile in the next party? Do you feel embarrassed to smile in public for fear of flashing your yellow or stained teeth? Well, worry no more! Here comes this magical product which can amazingly whiten your teeth from the very first use. Made in the form of a pen, this teeth whitening pen is a thin, plastic tube containing a gel. The tube is so tiny that it can get inside your travel purse or pockets easily. Peroxide is the main ingredient in this whitening gel. Found in any over the counter whitening gels or pastes and even in bleaches, this peroxide breaks down, allowing oxygen into the enamel of your teeth and lightening it.

The size and portability factor of this whitening pen make it a very convenient tool to whiten teeth which are often stained with coffee, berries, tea and such other dark colored food items. It is a little difficult to visit the dentist ever now and then for a teeth whitening treatment. But now with this whitening pen, one can touch up and remove those ugly stains from your teeth whenever you require.

Pros of Using Whitening Pen

  1. Portable and very small which enables it to be carried everywhere.
  2. Enables last minute touch ups to your teeth to remove ugly food stains.
  3. Dental cleaning every time can be very costly and time-consuming; this one proves to be a super quick method of obtaining a dazzling smile.
  4. The bleaching agent is very effective to clean and whiten your dull and yellow teeth.
  5. Can be done in 10 minutes straight.
  6. Whiter teeth boost one’s personality and confidence.

Cons of Using Whitening Pen

  1. The bleaching agents such as a peroxide in the gels can cause increased sensitivity of your teeth which leads to problems later.
  2. Bleaching agents also wear off the enamel of the teeth which can cause tooth decay and sensitivity.
  3. Can be a little expensive if you wish to buy gels without peroxide.
  4. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid using whitening gels.

If used in moderation and only for special events, this teeth whitening pen could prove to be a boon for stained or yellow teeth when you have a time crunch and cannot visit the doctor often. But too much use could lead to wearing off the tooth enamel which could result in sensitive teeth in future and hence one should use it in moderation. The whitening gels contain a kind of bleaching agent to whiten the teeth which if used in excess can prove fatal for your teeth health.  Coffee, tea or cigarette stained teeth look gruesome in office meetings for parties but with these whitening pens, you can instantly clear your teeth and impress everyone with your dazzling white smile and confidence.

Baking Soda

baking soda teeth whitening productsBaking soda also known as Sodium Bicarbonate has been used since time immemorial for teeth whitening. It is a common and cheap household remedy to whiten teeth at home. It has bleaching properties and hence is even used for cleaning surfaces and eliminating the bad smell from carpets and rugs. It is made up of mild abrasive chemical components, and this abrasiveness removes the stains and residue from teeth. Easily available in home kitchens, this one is a cheap method of removing stains from the teeth to give you that dazzling smile always. These days many over the counter whitening gels and serums have come up to whiten the teeth, but in olden days this was the most common product used for teeth whitening by celebrities and society conscious people. One has to mix it with lemon to make a paste and apply this paste on the teeth for some time. Later, just rinse it off and remember to brush from a regular toothpaste containing fluoride. Fluoride strengthens the teeth, and baking soda might weaken the tooth enamel, and so it is necessary to brush with a fluoride-containing toothpaste later.

Pros of Using Baking Soda Products

  1. One gets immediate results for removing stains from the teeth, and you can get a dazzling white smile.
  2. Getting a dental cleanup is not possible every time and this home remedy works great.
  3. Easily available in the kitchen, this one is a very cheap remedy.
  4. It gives very quick results as one has to apply if only for 10 minutes.
  5. The natural bleaching agent present in baking soda does wonder in removing coffee stains, berry stains, and other such dark food stains.

Cons of Using Baking Soda Products

  1. Continuous use causes damage to the tooth enamel leading to tooth sensitivity and irritation later.
  2. Baking soda does not contain fluoride which is essential in the strengthening of the teeth, and so after the application of baking soda, one should brush teeth with a natural fluoride containing toothpaste.
  3. One has to use in moderation as this could wear off the tooth enamel completely.
  4. It is not that useful for tough or deep stains for which a proper dental cleaning is required.

Everyone aspires for healthy looking clean teeth as it boosts their confidence and personality. But many times, certain bad habits like smoking, too much caffeine can lead to tooth stains or yellowish residue on one’s teeth. This feels very ugly and dirty. Baking soda with lemon is a cheap home remedy which one can use to clean one’s teeth effectively once or twice a month as dental clean ups can be very costly and time-consuming. But always remember to brush with a fluoride-containing toothpaste later on for re-strengthening of the teeth.

Conclusion on Best Teeth Whitening Products

As simple and hazardless as it may seem, regular usage of top teeth whitening products can have adverse consequences and especially if not used in a limited and restricted way. The oral hygiene of human beings is something that can be permanently altered if harsh chemicals are used on gums and teeth, and it can also cause damage to the internal organs if they pass into your mouth. Thus, a regulated usage of these cleaning gels and solutions is advised.

To keep the result of top teeth whitening products long lasting, it is advisable to prevent excessive consumption of coffee, wine or other drinks that have an amount of liquor. To add to it, one should also prevent from consuming tobacco or smoking cigarettes as they damage the enamel of teeth. Regular rinsing and cleaning are advised. To maintain a good oral health and to ensure that your teeth stay clean and white, you ought to go for brushing twice a day. To further elongate the whiteness and shine of your teeth after using teeth whitening kit you can move on to whitening toothpaste as they ensure that the shine of your teeth is retained back after every time you brush.

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