Best Teeth Whitening Pen Reviews 2018

With a social event knocking at your door anytime soon, you might feel the need to give not just your face but also your mouth a final touch up in order to spread around ample amount of your beautiful smile in the event.

It is under such circumstances that one would like to make use of these much-talked-about whitening pens that don’t just render your teeth a comparatively long listing fair smile but also get you rid of certain germs that might have found a place on the top most layer of your enamel.

These teeth whitening pens are actually just an easier to use and portable version of the teeth whitening gels or strips and they are also much less dramatic when it comes to the method of using.

They are in the shape pf tubes which contain within themselves the whitening liquid that works on your teeth when applied. It takes lesser time and is much quick and responsive than the other whitening tools.

These whitening pens are the perfect buy for those who are looking for something that removes the stains off their teeth after they have eaten. Often we get to see that after the consumption of some hard beverages like coffee or red wine and of course after eating, our teeth tends to lose its sheen and the color of these food materials are left on the teeth.

With the application of these peroxide gels that comes inside the pen, one can easily get rid of the food stains left on the teeth. It works instantaneously and gets you rid of the unwanted colored teeth. You can thus present yourself just as beautifully post eating as you were before eating. They give quick results and are very efficient with their work.

SmileBriter Teeth Whitening Gel Pens

smilebriter teeth whitening penBuy At Amazon

One of the most used and widely sold products in the category of teeth whitening pens is the SmileBriter teeth whitening gel pen from the masters of SmileBriter.

It is one of those highly beneficial teeth whitening products that even your dentist won’t hesitate from referring you to use owing to the awesome results and harmless ingredients that are used in making this one. It stands true to its name and gives you and instant whiter and brighter smile after every use without failing.

The best and most helpful use of this one can be seen when you use it after a heavy dinner and the stains from the food you ate and the beverages like coffee, tea and sodas that you had to get visible on your teeth.

It works wonders getting your teeth rid of all those food stains and leaving you with a relatively whiter and much cleaner smile. Therefore, next time you head to your friend’s house for dinner, you can be saved from the embarrassment of dirty teeth post dinner by simply using this whitening pen. Since it is easy to carry around, you can simply place it in one of your pockets or wallets for safety purposes.

This product from SmileBriter comes with a set of two pens that can last for almost sixty days if used properly. Thus, this one is for sure worth every penny that you spend on it. Just remember to consult your doctor once prior to using this material and do not fall prey to excessive usage.

Let this be your last moment idea for teeth cleaning. In order to prevent you from undergoing any sensitivity issues, just use it for a few seconds. It can work during a small time frame too, giving you cleaner, whiter and brighter smile after every use.

White360 Teeth Whitening Gel Pen

white360 teeth whitening gel pen

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Another marvelous product available in the market for the use of teeth whitening is this pen from White360, which is an established name in the field of mouth cleaning products.

This teeth whitening pen is a result of the thorough dedication of a team to come up with a great result that can give a lasting white and stain-free smile after use.

These teeth whitening pen can give you a bright and dazzling smile after you have used it and you can also be assured about getting rid of the stubborn stains that get accumulated on your teeth due to having hard beverages and colored foods.

The design of this teeth whitening pen is such that it is very smile to carry around in a bag or purse, without any trouble regarding the same. The usage is just as any other simple teeth whitening pen but the results are better than all others.

This pen does not take a lot of time to work on cleaning your teeth but in fact, gives a better and whiter result in the just matter of few minutes.

The application is simple and you just need to take care of applying it thoroughly all around the teeth without missing out on any area that is exposed. Once applied, legit remain for a few seconds and then you can rinse it off with water.

The result is very much visible from the first wash itself but you can wash it for a consecutive period of seven days to see the best and most effective result. This product from White360 can be a true day saver for you if you want to get rid of food stains post eating.

So waste no time and without any ado, settle for this pack of three teeth whitening pens that give you the most dazzling smile.

StyleSmile Envy Teeth Whitening Pen

stylesmile envy teeth whitening kitMade from the best in class teeth whitening gels and other ingredients, this whitening kit from the house of Style    Smile Teeth Whitening can give you some serious smile goals post usage.

They do not just have the safest and cleanest ingredients put to us for teeth cleaning but also a very fine make of tools that can help you with your teeth cleaning procedure without any issues.

They give you a fuss-free and mess free experience at teeth whitening and the results are beyond any expectations. In simple terms, it gives you the kind of results that you would get when a professional dentist cleans your teeth, only this one is exceptionally cheaper and does not cost you the kind of fortune that getting it done from a dentist would cost you.

This kit consists of a thermoform boil and bites tray for an easy and quick application so that the results you get are better than those from any of its counterparts.

The formula which is used in making of the gel inside the pen is much more advanced and provides you with a quicker and more effective result that lasts much longer than the usual results. To add to it, this kit also consists of a gel that can be applied post the cleaning session in case you undergo severe sensitivity after cleaning.

It helps you reduce sensitivity and you can be sure to feel at ease. However, for carrying around, you can h=just use the pen and go for a less thorough ye simple cleaning that does not involve any trays or the gel with you for any party etc. Thus, go for this all in one tooth whitening kit if you seek perfection with your teeth whitening needs.

Dazzling White Instant Whitening Pen

dazzling white instant whitening pen

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If you are looking for a product that gives you a much higher level of whiteness without costing you a fortune for the same, these teeth whitening pen from Dazzling white is just the thing for you.

Needless to say, it does the job of a normal teeth whitening pen but adds to it the wellness of up to four times shinier and whiter smile after every use.

A product that has been made in the USA itself, it is a highly efficient and dependable teeth whitening pen that can come to your rescue whenever you need it, be it in the midst of a party or just before a boardroom meeting.

Easy to carry around, you can lace it inside a hidden pocket too and you can use it anytime anywhere since it does not involve other trays or stripes. It is easily one of the simplest teeth whitening formulas you ca come across and that too for just a very small sum of money.

Once applied, you might need to wait for a while until it dries but that dies to take much more time than a minute or two and once done, you can simply rinse it off to avail for yourself a very bright and shiny smile.

You can see the kind of effect it has on your teeth by consuming a hard beverage like coffee or soda and then using this whitening pen. It does not only get you rid of the stains from the drinks but also renders to you up to ten times brighter and shinier teeth than before.

So make no haste and buy this best-rated product right away to take care of your teeth cleaning needs.

AuraGlow Whitening Pen

auraglow tooth whitening pen

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Another five stars rated product in this section is this amazingly helpful product from the makers of AuraGlow. It is another teeth whitening pen that comes with one of the best fortification and teeth cleaning formulae ever.

The cleaning crystals and gel inside the pen can work wonders on your teeth and get you rid of every single unwanted stain and tartar that has got accumulated on your teeth within a period of time.

It is a rather comfortable and easy way to whiten your teeth with this effective new portable pen that you can take with yourself everywhere you go. The process of cleaning your teeth within your own home was never so easy and ergonomic before this.

To add to it, the time taken by this one to give you the desired results is as minimal as a minute. That is all it takes to get a cleaner, brighter and shinier smile.

This one comes packed with a new see-through kind of tube that lets you know how much more of the gel is left in the pen. You can simply apply it on your teeth and wait for it to dry.

The time taken is very less and you can have you whiter and stain free teeth within a few minutes. Since the pen is easy to carry around, you can also take it with you for parties, dinners and get-together so that you do to have to feel embarrassed after the wine stains corrupt the enamel of your teeth.

If used regularly, this pen from aura glow is also capable of getting you rid of the stains that have accumulated on your teeth for years. Thus, it is the best buy in the given money frame for your teeth whitening needs.

How to Use Teeth Whitening Pen

Teeth whitening pens do now require any rocket science to work. They are in fact one of the simplest and easy to use products that you can lay your hands on for artificial whitening of your teeth.

The ones that come pre-filled with whitening gel is just simply to be rub on the teeth as if spreading ink on a paper. You also need to be careful with the application so as to eat nook and corner of your denture without missing out on any exposed part.

Being easy to carry around and absolutely unnoticeable, you can even use these while driving around in your car or while getting ready for your home.

Since these do not involve any complicated structures like the tray from teeth whitening kits or the strips that need to be stuck in the teeth, you can be relaxed about applying these and use them according to your comfort. There also is no time limitation of at least fifteen minutes with these teeth whitening pens.

They are made in a very smart manner so that you can apply these without any fuss or mess. All you need to do is twist the front of these pens, brush them like a pen on your teeth and let the peroxide content do its work on your teeth before you finally remove it from your teeth.

While these are the simple ones, some of the whitening pens also require fitting into the brush and then twisting them so that it can work your teeth as you brush. In simple terms, just like applying whitening pens on paper, these also work on the same method and you need to just take care to spread it all around on each tooth very carefully, covering the entire area.


Unlike their other counterparts, the teeth whitening pens are a much more ergonomic and easy to use methods of teeth cleaning and whitening. Since it has to be done some way or the other, it is better to go for a method that causes the minimum damage and does fulfill the requirements too.

These teeth whitening pens contain a liquid hooch has a good amount peroxide. It is the bleaching agent that the dentists use in the teeth cleaning procedures in order to make the teeth whiter.

Therefore, in a way, it is a much cheaper and easy to use alternative to the cleaning done in hospitals. There are also numerous others advantaged of teeth whitening pens, namely:

  1. You can go for teeth whitening using these pens anytime, anywhere as they can be carried easily inside your pocket or purse as well. They are also very easy to apply and remove.
  2. These teeth whitening gels are a rather comfortable method of teeth cleaning and do not require you to wear any trays or strips on your teeth for the cleaning procedure.
  3. You can complete cleaning your teeth with a whitening pen within a few minutes if you need to do so before attending an important event or party.
  4. These teeth whitening kits can come to your rescue if you get a hideous stain in between a meal while consuming red wine or other strong beverage like coffee if you just remember to use these pens post consumption.
  5. They do not need as much as fifteen minutes for their agents to work. In fact, it is by far the fastest method of teeth cleaning that whitens, brightens and makes your smile a lot shinier as well.


No products can be said to bring back the kind of cleanliness and whiteness that natural teeth of a person has. Therefore to expect anything more than just temporary whitening from a teeth whitening gel would be a mistake.

These whitening pens, although very efficient, ergonomic and reliable yet do hold some negative consequences for the teeth as well. While there are many teeth whitening pens that have adverse quality chemicals used in them, even the ones which are made with proper ingredients to pose a threat to the uppermost layer or enamel of the teeth.

One of the most basic reasons behind this is the peroxide content of these whitening pens. Like every whitening agent, even these pens use peroxide for whitening and it greatly damages the teeth. Thus, to get rid of such materials, it is very important to not depend on these methods. Some of the major disadvantages are:

  1. It ruins the enamel of the teeth if you use it consistently and regularly. This happens due to excessive bleaching that is caused by the peroxide.
  2. The chemical content might lead to sensitivity and soreness of the teeth due to the longer time of application which in turn harms the gums and the roots of the teeth.
  3. The fluoride content can also cause damage to internal organs if it enters the stomach due to swallowing or while rinsing.
  4. The excessive use of these whitening pens and gels can lead to the permanent weakening of the teeth which in turn means toothaches, chewing problems and gum problems.
  5. Sensitivity is one of the major issues faced by the people who use these whitening pens due to the excess peroxide content that makes the teeth and gums go numb at times too.

Thus, it is better to keep the use of these agents to the minimum.


Teeth whitening pens are by far the smartest and most ergonomic to use the method of all artificial teeth cleaning methods known to us. It enables us to master the art of teeth whitening while we are doing the most mundane of chores at our home.

In the modern era, when people do not have any time for paying heed to their daily needs, it is a gift to have these smart techniques to our rescue for teeth whitening. These teeth whitening pens give the users an instant cleaner and whiter teeth post usage and one does not need to wait until second time for the results either.

As any other artificial product, even these have their pros and cons but if used under proper precautions and with the guidance of a dentist, they might as well work into the favor.

With these teeth whitening pens, the only issue is regular usage and its effects, However, one does not have to use it regularly. You can depend on these when you are in a dire need of teeth whitening like before an important function and you would prefer to have cleaner whiter teeth without the fluoride smell that is accompanied with the toothpaste.

Since they are easy to carry around and really simple to use, you can depend on them for events ranging from boardroom meetings to last minute much dates. They are a simple reduce for a final touch up to your smile that can enhance your personality greatly.

Therefore rather than depending on them as you would on your toothbrush, just keep these for your important last minute touch ups to the teeth. The bottom line is to use any product very carefully and responsibly to get the best outcome.

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