3 Best Teeth Whitening Kits For Feb. 2018 – Buying Guide and Reviews

A good oral health is the starting of a good overall health. Without a clean and healthy pair of teeth, you cannot expect your organs, be it physical or internal, be functioning properly. Just as your mouth is the first step of the digestion process, it is also the first thing one notices about your personality. Hence taking a proper care of your teeth and gums is a necessity these days.

The importance of a healthy and beautiful smile is known to us all. Having shiny white teeth is not only important for the sake of appearance but also with the prospect of a proper oral health. Our gums and teeth suffer a great deal due to the harshness of water and sometimes due to our ignorance towards our oral hygiene so rather than going for professional teeth whitening, one can opt for the good teeth whitening kit that is available for teeth cleaning at home.

Top 3 Teeth Whitening Kits

Crest 3D White
Luxe Whitening
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Shine Whitening
Professional Teeth
Whitening Kit
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Dr. Diamond
Complete 3D
Whitening Kit
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These top teeth whitening kits are a formula designed to remove the plaque from the enamel of teeth and make your smile shining brightly again. They usually contain a whitening solution, gels or strips that need to be used for covering the teeth for a short interval of time before they get your teeth rid of all the plaque. They work on the teeth during this time interval and make your teeth all bright and beautiful again.

Needless to say, all these different varieties of teeth whitening kits work wonders for the teeth and they are very reasonably priced as well, not costing a fortune for your oral health maintenance. These teeth whitening kits should not be expected to clean or whiten your teeth for more than three levels and in case you want whiter teeth than three levels, you ought to take regular care of your teeth and use these kits from time to time.

Best Teeth Whitening Kit Reviews

best teeth whitening kit reviews

Shine Whitening – Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

The shine whitening syringe kit is designed to provide you clean and shiny teeth at home itself. It is a multi-step process that is even good in removing the stains and plaque that has got accumulated over the years. It is easy to use, and you get as many as six uses in a single kit. It comes with a mouth tray that can snug well to your teeth after you have poured out the gel. You need to see this on your teeth for about ten minutes and a maximum of fifteen to see the best results. They don’t just clean your teeth but also manage to remove the stains that have been diminishing the brightness of your smile for years.

To make it easier to use, it comes with a tray and extra syringes so that you can apply the gel generously even to the areas where the tray does not reach. The components and agents used in the making of this kit happen to be of the best quality which is usually used by the dentists for much higher charges. With this kit, you have the advantage of seeing a visible result in just a single day of using without waiting for consecutive days to see the result. If you have sensitivity uses, you can consider using it for a shorter interval of time. To be more comfortable with the application, you can also customize the gel tray as per your requirement.

Crest 3D White Luxe Whitening Kit, Glamorous White

A much more ergonomic and easy to use type of home teeth cleaning kit is the top whitening strips kit that comes with an easy to use strip which is easy to apply on the teeth and covers all the visible parts of your teeth that are exposed when you smile. The advantage of the strips is that unlike the gels or solutions that dehydrate the gums and teeth, the top strip cleaning kits do not have any such side effects and they are much easier and handy to use.

These strips work much better than any other whitening tooth cleaners that you may come across, and they are even capable of cleaning and removing the stains that have been there for years on your teeth. The stains below the surface of enamel are tough to remove, but these strips work on those settled stains as well.

The percentage of peroxide in this tooth cleaner is as low as 14% which ensures that sensitivity and dehydration are kept in check. This excellent teeth whitening Kit comes with fourteen strips, and once you have used all of these, you will see an amazing result in the whiteness of your teeth. This kit provides you with the results that one achieves by professional cleaning at a much lower price and within the comfort of your home.

However, it is advised that if you have gum problems or sensitivity issues, you avoid using this teeth whitening kit for a longer duration of time as being a strong cleaning agent, it might cause trouble to your medical condition. You can see the results within the first few days only, but after the completion of fourteen days, your teeth are up to 25x cleaner, brighter and shinier. It is the best in class strip based whitener available in the market for home teeth cleaning.

Rembrandt Deeply White 2-Hour Teeth Bleaching Kit

An excellent tray-based teeth cleaning kit from Rembrandt, this one work wonders for someone who wants a shiner and more dazzling smile within an interval of some hours. This top home teeth cleaning kit comes in the form of tea that can conform properly to the denture of your teeth and stay there comfortably for as long as two hours.

These trays are filled with the whitening solution that cleans the enamel and even the surface beneath the enamel of your teeth within the two hours of their application. The stains that have been formed over the course of years are easily removed and even the colorization of teeth that might have happened due to excessive consumption of coffee, tea and wine are removed with this smart and efficient method of teeth cleaning at home.

The comfortable tray applicator ensures that you have no trouble staying with your teeth dipped in the solution for almost two hours since it fits very comfortably into your teeth and the ingredients are safe to avoid causing any damage to your enamel or gums even after hours of application. If you have any gum irritation problems, you are advised to consult your dentist before using this kit as the usage of peroxide for better results might harm your teeth and gums.

This cleaning kit is excellent for using if you plan to attend a party within some hours and you need to work on your teeth before attending. It turns your smile into a dazzling white one just after the very first application. It ensures no gum irritation and no sensitivity issues to somebody with a good oral health.

Dr. Diamond Complete 3D At-Home Whitening Kit

If you are one of those people who always intend to keep their teeth pearl white without having to fuss over the appointments and high charges of teeth cleaning at dental hospitals, these teeth cleaning kit is just the thing for you. The Dr. Diamond home teeth whitening kit is the best solution to the problems of teeth colorization and stained teeth.

This kit comes with two trays that comfortably fit your teeth and snug to it without making you feel uneasy. The gel used in this kit is safe to use on your enamel and gums and ensures no health hazards. One needs only fifteen minutes to use this one and see the results right away. For emergency teeth whitening need, this is the best teeth whitening product you can go for.

The concentration of peroxide in the gel is about forty-four percent, and thus it works wonders on the teeth within just a few hours of application. The method for which the dentists charge a good fortune comes cheap with this top teeth whitening kit. It is simple and convenient to use, and visibly brighter and shinier smile is promised after every usage.

This cleaner even works wonders on the stains that have been formed on your teeth over the course of years. To avoid sensitivity and irritation issues, it is advisable to apply it for a shorter interval and the maximum time of fifteen minutes. If you intend to go for natural teeth whitening, you ought to use this kit only once a week to avoid causing any damage to your oral health and your teeth. For best results, follow the directions given in the kit, and you will be good to go with effectively whiter, shinier and brighter smile after every use of this kit.

AuraGlow Teeth Bleaching Kit

Another classic and traditional try styled teeth cleaner; this is a teeth cleaner which comes with neither too strong nor too mild concentration of peroxide and works just perfectly on the teeth for cleaning and removing all the stains that have formed on your enamel over the years. Like the traditional tray cleaners, this one also comes with a gel, two syringes and a LED light for helping with the whitening of your teeth.

This light works as a catalyst that accelerates the working of the cleaning process without using any higher concentration of peroxide. The tray is easy to use and comfortable to wear on your teeth. It does not need to be boiled before wearing can is easily molded in a comfortable setting on your teeth. The gel is poured into the tray and one need to keep it applied on the teeth for about thirty minutes for best results. Since it is low in peroxide quantity than many other cleaners, it does not cause any gum irritation or sensitivity issues to the user.

You can expect to see up to 3x whiter and cleaner teeth after removing the tray post cleaning. Not only has that it also worked on the stains of coffee and tobacco that have ruined your teeth due to over consumption. This is smart and easy to use teeth whitening product comes at an affordable price and works much better than any other teeth cleaner even on people who suffer from sensitivity issues. However, if you have cavity problems, it is advisable that you consult your dentist before applying this cleaning gel. The LED light needs to be kept lighted in front of the tray when the teeth are dipped inside to make the process more efficient and faster.

How to Use Whitening Kit?

The best part about these excellent teeth whitening kits is that they need no third party assistance and you can do it on your own, without the requirement of any dental expert. While professional techniques involve laser treatments and bleaching processes that take more than hours at times, these this teeth whitening product is much more feasible to use and easily obtainable for daily use.

To use teeth whitening kit, one simply needs to follow the instructions that come along with the kit. Some of the most important aspects that need to be kept in mind are:

  1. Timing: In most of the top teeth whitening kits, the certain duration of time is specified for which one needs to apply the cleaner and leave it for a while so that it can work on the teeth. This timing is crucial, and one needs to take care of the timing. You may take help of an alarm to be accurate with the timing. It should not be left for too long and should not be removed too soon either.
  2. The method of Application: There are different types of teeth whitening products available in the market. Depending upon the type of needs to take measures to apply it properly. The entire area of one’s teeth ought to cover well because the area that isn’t covered won’t get cleaned.

Pros and Cons of Home Teeth Whitening Kits

It is obvious that the natural whiteness of your teeth once lost cannot be regained and being an artificial method of teeth whitening; these kits have some plus points and some minus points. Although, if they are not used excessively they will not pose much harm yet safe and proper usage is recommended. Here are top pros and cons of teeth whitening kits that are used at home:


  1. They come in easy to use shapes like trays and strips.
  2. They are much less time taking and simpler the-the professional dental teeth cleaning methods.
  3. You can conveniently use them at your own time without any hassle of appointments.
  4. The trays used in these home cleaning kits are very comfortable to use and there are no complicated procedures like usage of laser etc.
  5. They are cheaper and more feasible than the professional teeth cleaning sessions.


  1. If you us these teeth bleaching kits on a regular basis, you might start having an increased amount of sensitivity issues in your teeth.
  2. If you suffer from cavities or gum problems, dipping your teeth in solution or applying gel on the teeth for whitening might affect this area.
  3. The solution may contain a high amount of peroxide, and they might damage the enamel of your teeth if left for a long time.
  4. The gel cleaners have chemicals that dehydrate the teeth and gums if applied for a long duration of time.
  5. Your teeth get whiter only up to three higher levels than the original color. If you want a higher level of whiteness, professional cleaning is advised.
  6. Some stains (of tobacco or beetle) cannot be removed permanently by home teeth cleaning products.

Apart from this if you have a medical condition that might be affected by the use of the chemicals present in cleaning kits; you ought to consult your dentist before using them. Other than that, there are no health hazards of home teeth cleaning kits.

How Does Teeth Whitening Kit Work?

One of the main principles on which the teeth whitening kit works is that of professional bleaching. This method of bleaching clears the enamel of our teeth by removing the naturally acquired yellowness or the stains that might have come on the teeth due to regular consumption of beverages such as red wine, tea or coffee. Different designs of teeth whitening kits are available in the market, and the functioning of each is explained below:

  1. Tray Kit: The teeth whitening kit that comes in the form of the tray is in the shape of a teeth skeleton filled with liquid solution. It is designed in such a way that you can fit it on your teeth, and your teeth will be dipped inside the solution. After keeping it for a specified amount of time you can remove it and your teeth will be a few levels brighter.
  2. Whitening Gels: Another type of whitening kit is one that comes with teeth whitening gel tube inside it. One needs to apply this gel thoroughly on the teeth without leaving any gaps, just like brushing. Once you have applied the gel throughout, you need to leave it there until it is all dried up on the teeth. Meanwhile, the chemicals in the gel work on your teeth and make it whiter. After it is dried, you may remove the layer. This can be said to be the most affecting whitening kit of all provided one applies it correctly without leaving any areas exposed.
  3. Whitening Strip Kit: It is a trendy and very easy to use method for teeth whitening. The stripes are covered with some bleaching agents, and once you have applied them on your teeth, you need to leave them there for some time before you remove it. Although it is much more comfortable than the trays, these do not cover the back or in between the teeth like other two methods. The areas that are in contact with the whitening strip get cleaned while the ones that are not are left.


Not caring properly for your oral health can lead you to a place where you need to use these best teeth whitening products for making your teeth appear whiter. However, these good whitening kits do not have an everlasting effect, and hence it is advised that once you have used the cleaning kit, you work on keeping your teeth as white as it has become post usage of these cleaning kits rather than depending upon the usage of these teeth whitening products time and again. These whitening kits might be safe and irritation free, but they cause a certain amount of harm to your teeth and if not used properly and safely, they might leave you with a constant pain or sensitivity problem for life.

To avoid any hazards, you should go for a good teeth whitening kit that has less amount of peroxide concentration and one that ensures that there will be no gum problems and irritations on their usage. If you are comfortable using the strips, you can use those as they require minimum effort. However, they cover lesser area and do not clean all of the hidden places either. If you opt for the ones with tray, make sure that they have a moldable tray which keeps you comfortable while wearing it. Home teeth cleaning kits are a suitable alternative to professional cleaning, and they are much more feasible and easy to use too. If used properly and with good precautions, they intend to cause no oral health issues to the user.