Best Teeth Whitening Gel For 2018 – Buying Guide and Reviews

Teeth whitening gel does not do any wonders, as many people might expect it to do but it does make the enamel of one’s teeth get back its sheen and whitens the teeth by up to three levels on an average.

It has also proven to be very helpful in getting people rid of the stains that get accumulated after regular consumption of tobacco, cigarettes, red wine and other soda drinks that harm the teeth.

Even the stains of tea and coffee that become persistent due to daily consumption can be removed by using these whitening gels.

The most important aspect of using these gels and solutions is that they should be applied as per the guidelines provided by the makers and rather than using them on a regular basis, make it a point to keep the usage as less as possible since the peroxide does no good to the teeth.

Also, there are some pros, cons and terms for the usage of whitening gels which have been explained below. They should be kept in mind while using.

Reviews of Best Teeth Whitening Gels

Plus White 5 Minute Premier Speed Whitening Gel

plu white 5 minute premier speed whitening gel

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The blue white premier gel is easily one of the fastest working whitening gels you will come across. It speeds up the cleaning of your teeth greatly by taking just five minutes to give you whiter, cleaner and brighter smile.

Unlike the usual gels that give your teeth a crazy bluish tinge of whiteness, this one gives you a clear white smile in a fraction of time. If you are on an urgent schedule and need to give your teeth a final touch of whiteness to add a charm to your smile, you just need to apply this gel and leave it on your teeth for about five minutes.

The advantage of so less waiting time is also that it lets you  finish off with the whitening process without causing any irritation or sensitivity, which is prone to happen when you leave these gels for a longer time.

The peroxide content is not very high and therefore there is not much to worry about. If applied properly throughout the surface area of your teeth, it can give a long lasting and durable whiteness to your teeth.

If you have been using it for a while, you can also leave it for longer time of about fifteen to twenty minutes for even better results. The results are visible from the very first time you apply it and you don’t need to wait until three or four applications.

You can either use a swab to apply it or even your tooth brush since it is more like a teeth cleaning gel. However, with people who have sensitivity problems, it is advisable to keep it for as less time as possible or even better, consult their dentists before applying it.

Also, it is advised to follow the directions given on the pamphlet and not use it for more than fourteen consecutive days repeatedly or else the enamel might start to get used to harsh chemicals used in these whitening gels. It gives a satisfactory result and is free of any mess during application.

White 360 Professional Teeth Whitening Gel

white 360 professional teeth whitening gelUnlike the usual tube shaped packaging for the gel teeth whiteners, this one comes in a much more comfortable and easy to use packaging of syringes. This White 360 is indeed made by using all the professional methods of teeth whitening that are usually used by the dentists for a price ten times higher than what you pay for this whitening gel kit.

It comes in a set of three syringes, each contains the gel. It is to be used long with a tray for best results since it is not very solid in nature. Once applied, it needs to be left for about then minutes, the timer for which is already set on the tray and after ten minutes; the light that comes with a kit automatically turns of to let you know that it’s time for you to remove the applied gel.

Once applied, the bleaching agents in this gel work upon your teeth and give you a dazzling white smile within a matter of minutes. Not just that, the gel has a formula that even works wonders on the most stubborn stains of wine and coffee (or other beverages) that leave stains for years before they are finally cleaned off your teeth.

It removes those stains as well and gives you a brand new shiny pair of teeth that can be now kept clean and be taken care of from a new level.

For best results, you can also keep an LED light burning in front of your teeth to accelerate the process and make the cleaning more efficient and better. It works as a catalyst in this process.

It is advised to not elongate the timing of application for more than fifteen to twenty minutes as longer duration might lead to causing severe sensitivity sensations in the teeth and weakening of the roots. At times sensitivity might be felt and it is only temporary for the time until you remove the solution, therefore, there is no need to be worried or panic about it.

Opalescence 35% Mint Tooth Whitening Gel

opalescence mint teeth gel

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One of the safest and fastest methods of getting a blemish and stain free smile for a very petty sum is here with the opalescence mint teeth whitening gel. It is one of its kind when it comes to being very much chemical free as compared to all other teeth cleaning and whitening gels.

The reason behind this is the low percentage of chemicals (basically peroxide) in this whitening gel. While many may think that less concentration of peroxide might make it a weak whitening and bleaching agent but in reality it is as strong as any other that you might come across.

The new and improved formula that this is based on makes it much more oral health friendly and it also adds a great deal to reducing sensitivity in the teeth. This one comes in a modern packet of four syringes that are to be used in the classic tray method wherein you pour the gel in the tray and let your teeth be dipped in it for a few minutes.

These syringes have a shelf life of up to one and a half year and each syringe in this pack comes with a personal dispensing tip. Unlike the others that make a sudden sensitivity wave run across your body, this one has a special sensitivity relief feature.

To sum it up, it does it work as good as any other whitening gel and adds to it the benefit of reduced sensitivity and a much comfortable experience due to the addition of 35% mint to the gel.

It gives you cleaner teeth and fresher breath at the same time and therefore becomes one of the best teeth cleaning appliances available in the market for the usage of teeth whitening.

RapidEffects Teeth Bleaching whitening Gel

generic teeth bleaching whitening gel

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Gone are the days when a healthier and whiter smile coated people a good fortune because the dentists charged a great deal from anybody who wanted to opt for artificial means of teeth whitening by bleaching. With the new and advanced gel technologies that are available in kits for use at home, it has now become a much more feasible an easy to undertake process for one and all.

This whitening gel is a proof of the same. Made with some of the finest formulas of teeth whitening that are used by the dentists themselves, this teeth whitening gel cleanses, whitens as well as strengthens the teeth of the users. Approved by the FDA itself, this gel is ideally suited for the usage of teeth whitening at home.

Available in a packet of four syringes, this is to be used by pouring the gel in a teeth-denture shaped tray which is then fitted upon the teeth of the user and the teeth are left dipped in it for a while. Once cleaned, the dray can be removed and kept until the next use which does not have to be very prompt since visible results can be noticed from the very first usage.

The process is not very time taking either and you can do it within the comfort of your own home in just a few span of few minutes. Overall, it is a good teeth whitening product that does not pose any harm to your teeth like sensitivity and also adds to the mineral percentage of the enamel.

The whitening is visible soon after the usage and one gets complete satisfaction of using the right product. You can consult a dentist if need be for the same thing and he can guide to better with what shall be the best for your teeth.

Remineralization Gel – 5 Syringes of Gel

remineralization gelBuy At Amazon

One of the best teeth whitening gels available in the market is the demineralization gel from the house of Sunshine. It does not just give your teeth a more brighter, shinier and dazzling smile but also a lot more healthy from the perspective of a mineral enriched oral health. This one comes in a packet of five with one syringe for each use.

The storage period can be extended for as long as a year and half for the syringes with the gel in them. These gels have a concentration of minerals as well as chemicals to give you not only the shiniest but also the healthiest smile of all.

All the vital minerals and vitamins that are lost from the enamel due to regular consumption of unhealthy food and drinks are restored back to our teeth from this gel and its usage.

Although there are the essential chemicals in it which are required for a shinier, brighter and healthier smile, it decreases the chances of sensitivity or other such issues by up to a great extent with its mineral enriched formula.

You can use this whitening gel without any second thoughts about gum infection, irritation or sensitivity. After just the very first usage, you can experience up to three levels brighter and shinier smile. To add to it, you can also have the satisfaction of knowing that nothing abrasive is being used on your teeth, in fact., with this gel from sunshine your teeth does not just become whiter but also much more healthier.

It therefore is a two-way beneficial process. However, it should be kept in mind that the usage isn’t exceeded by regularly using this for a continued period of time as this can cause severe faults in your dental health and might have adverse effects too.

How to Use Whitening Gel?

Teeth whitening gels are a much simpler form of whitening kits that do not require much-hassled process or excessive indulgence to apply or use.

It is a simple process where in all you need to do is apply the gel, which is usually a toothpaste like thing, thoroughly along your teeth so that it covers all the areas of your teeth that are exposed and where your fingers can reach. Using fingers is the best way to go around it but you may use any tools for the application if the need arises.

You can also put it on the inside layers of your teeth. Every corner and part must be covered for a through white result. Once applied, it needs to be left there to dry for the specified amount of time that is mentioned in the brochure provided by the makers of the gel.

It is during this waiting time that the main work of whitening of the enamel of teeth happens. The gel works thoroughly on the teeth until it completely dries out. Once dry, you can rinse it off or simply remove it.

The result is visible instantaneously after the cleaning and you can even go for taking a before and after picture. It renders you the spotlessly clean and shining smile that you have been aiming for and that too within a matter of few minutes.

Whitening gels happen to be more comfortable than the other type of kits that are used for teeth whitening because they are easy to apply, do not need any trays or whitening strips and are much more comfortable to stay on with for some time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Teeth Whitening Gels

While it might seem very easy and smart process to undertake, there are some considerations that one ought to make before going for teeth whitening. It is not as beneficial as it sounds if the proper precautions for it are not taken.

For instance, one needs to go for regular oral health checkups and do every bit to keep their teeth and gums naturally healthy. Ignoring proper brushing and cleaning timings and then opting for teeth whitening every now and then can cause severe sensitivity and gum problems that further lead to detraction of oral health.

While there are many advantages of teeth whitening such as cleaner and better teeth and a much more dazzling smile, there also happen to be certain adverse affects of undertaking such whitening sessions.

Therefore, it is advisable for the prospective users to consult their dentists before going for these teeth whitening gels. Sore teeth and gums are one of the common side effects that these whitening gels can render.

So rather than depending on these gels, it is better to just stick to your daily cleaning methods like brushing and mouthwash.

Some of the main advantages and disadvantages have been mentioned below:


  1. It greatly improves the appearance of the teeth and enamel of the user.
  2. Anybody who wants a cleaner and brighter smile is fully satisfied with the results of the whitening gels as they greatly work up to the expectation of the users.
  3. These whitening gels tend to get you rid of even the most stubborn stains that have been corrupting your smile for years.
  4. One can achieve up to three levels more whiter, brighter and shinier smile by using these teeth whitening gels.
  5. Unlike other whitening techniques, one does not have to undergo the agony of holding a tray or a strip on their teeth for a long while. It is just like applying toothpaste and leaving it until dry.
  6. It is highly effective and one of the most pocket friendly teeth whitening technologies of all times.


  1. One of the most common and popular issues that one experiences with the usage of teeth whitening gels is that it gives the user sore gums and teeth which eventually gets healed after some time.
  2. The enamel (top most layers of teeth) might get cleaned and white after its usage but it does undergo certain problems due to being exposed to harsh bleaching chemical that are present in the gel.
  3. The higher the percentage of peroxide content in the whitening gel is, the more damage it does to the enamel and gums.
  4. Oral health is thoroughly disturbed by the usage of these cleaning methods since more the amount of chemicals being used on your teeth higher the damage your teeth goes through.
  5. For people with sensitivity and gum problems, it can be even higher threats to use these gels as it makes such cases more severe and hurtful.
  6. The drying of the whitening gel is the toughest part since due to saliva, it does not dry easily and you might have to keep it applied for a longer duration of time.

Thus, one ought to weigh the pros and cons of the usage of these whitening and gels and then take a final decision on it. More often, it is better to consult a doctor or dentist and have him tell you whether it is okay to use or not. They also might suggest you one that does not harm your teeth.


Overall, teeth whitening gels are a better alternative than all other whitening kits that are available in the market. Not only that, they also assure you a trouble free usage, unlike the trays or strips that can cause discomfort to the users after a few minutes.

This is one of the major reasons why these gels are more popular than other cleaning methods. However, like every other artificial thing even this has its own cons. However, if done with the required precautions at hand and not excessively, it gives one the satisfaction of not exposing their teeth to excessive hazards.

Consult your doctor and let him tell you which the best gel for your use is. In case you are on your own, it is beneficial to choose a gel that does not have a very high concentration of peroxide in it as it is the peroxide that causes most damage to teeth.

On a final verge, it can be said to be the most feasible and advantages method of teeth whitening as it does the same amount of work on your teeth as a dentist would without costing you a good fortune for it. Therefore, the pros of whitening gels are much higher than the cons.

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