Best Crest Whitening Strips Reviews

Whitening strips are one of the most popular products available in the market today. Dental health is an important aspect of a person’s well-being and crystal white teeth play an important role in maintaining that. There are many ways to improve the coloration of teeth and whitening strips are one of the most popular and used methods in accomplishing that. Crest is a brand that has been around for more than a decade and their range of products that assist in the whitening of teeth is huge. There are several different kinds of products available from Crest that can be used by one and all in getting that perfect smile on their faces. The following are the reviews of some Crest white strips.

Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips Review

Crest 3D White Whitestrips2Crest 3D white Professional Whitestrips come in handy and effective dental kit that can be used by everyone in order to get that perfect smile. As for the description of the product itself, there are 20 treatments in this one kit and the effects of using this entire pack can last up to a year. The process of using these whitening strips is also a simple one. According to the manufacturer, one needs to only use this for about 30 minutes a day for 14 days to have long lasting results. 30 minutes out of even a busy day is completely feasible for even the most worked up professionals and that is what makes this product a very valuable purchase. This at-home teeth whitening process is almost equal to a professional level treatment. One can get the results of a professionally whitened set of teeth without ever visiting the dentist’s office. So a lot of time is saved for the users. The strips themselves are completely moldable to suit the shape of the teeth as it is different for every single user. The only issue is of sensitivity but that is unavoidable no matter what whitening method one is using.

Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips 1 Hour Express

Crest-Whitestrips-1-Hour-Express-300x300.jpgThe most appealing claim of the Crest 3D white luxe white strips is that they remove 14 years of teeth stains. A lot of people tend to think that the stains on their teeth and their discoloration is permanent and that is why they refrain from using any of these teeth whitening products. But what is amazing about the Crest luxe whitening strips is that they are powerful enough to remove even the strongest of stains on the teeth. This gives them the edge over the other products available in the market. There are 20 treatments in this kit and using this is enough to have those perfect white teeth for an entire year. There is also a special addition to the strips called the white strips 1-hour express. Using this gives you visibly whiter teeth in just a single usage of one hour. So no matter how busy a professional you are, taking one hour out of the schedule to better your smile and getting that incredible boost of confidence is completely plausible. Getting whiter and more beautiful teeth has been simplified by Crest 3D white luxe Whitestrips and they are suitable to every individual’s needs.

Crest 3D White Strips with Advanced Seal Technology

Crest-3D-White-LuxeOne of the main reasons why Crest makes the case for the most appealing teeth whitening brands in the world is its huge variety of products. There is something available for every user. So all one needs to do is indulge in good research and get the right product for their specific needs. This particular set of whitening strips are called the Crest 3D white strips with advanced seal technology. More often than not, these strips, if not applied properly can become loose on the teeth. There are two issues with that. The first is that the stains end up staying on the teeth and the second is that if the gums come into contact with the strips, it can cause irritation and rashes. This whitening strip is the best one available in the market to combat these minor but slightly annoying issues. The advanced seal technology ensures that the strips stay in their place. The increased grip of the strips acts as a strong adhesive to the teeth and hence works in a more efficient manner. The strip is also moldable based on the size and shape of your teeth. This allows every nook and corner of the teeth to be whitened and makes sure that no stain is left unaffected.

Pros and Cons of Crest Whitening Strips

While using whitening strips is an easy enough process, one needs to take proper care and consider all the pros and cons related to this method. There are many reasons why this process may not be suitable to everyone. To better understand who can and cannot use these whitening strips it is necessary to list all the pros and cons of using Crest whitestrips. They are listed below:


Ease of usage is probably one of the most important aspect of using any product, no matter what its utility is. The unique selling point of Crest white strips is probably that they are one of the simplest teeth whitening method available in the market today.

The next thing that can be listed under the pros list is that they are very well tested and tried by a lot of people in the last decade. This has lent the brand quite a bit of credibility and it is considered a reliable brand by customers. Crest whitestrips are even recommended by dental health professionals for people who want to whiten their teeth quickly. The last point is that the results of Crest strips are long lasting. The teeth stay white for around a year and sometimes even more than that with just 14 days of usage.


Like with any product in the market, Crest whitening strips also have a couple of limitations that the users need to be aware of before using them. The first thing is the increased sensitivity of the teeth. Because the potency of these whitening strips is huge, it sometimes results in extremely sensitive teeth. The good news is that this issue lasts only for a few days but it can cause some discomfort in a lot of people.

Another thing is that, while the process is easy and fast enough, it does take an hour or two out of the user’s day. So one needs to properly plan on when they are going to put on the whitening strips so that their schedule remains intact.


Proper market research is the precursor to finding that perfect product which is suitable to an individual’s very specific needs. The best part about Crest whitening strips is that there are many different varieties of products available from the same brand. This allows the user to choose the one to their liking and even try different ones to see which one works best for them. Crest is a very popular and trusted brand that is available all over the world and in large variety as well.