Active Wow Teeth Whitening Reviews

There are a lot of aspects to good health. One of the areas that require a lot more attention than it generally gets is the dental health of a person. It is said that good teeth are a reflection of a person’s overall health. It is very important to get maintain and take care of one’s dental health in order to have a genuine feeling of overall well-being. The main issue when it comes to teeth is their color, or the lack of it. This has a lot to do with the food we eat as well. The excessive amount of sugar and caffeine in our meals is one of the reasons why teeth can get stained. Thankfully, there are a few very good methods to undo this unwanted phenomenon. Whitening kits are nowadays a very popular method used by a lot of people around the world to get that perfect and beautiful smile. The confidence boost that whitening of teeth offers is immensely effective in making an individual’s life even more enjoyable and productive. The thing to note here is that one needs to check the market for available teeth whitening products so that they can pick the one that is most suitable to them. The following is the review of one such effective whitening product.

Review of Active Wow Teeth Whitening – Premium Kit

active wow teeth whiteningTeeth whitening used to be an exclusive process that could be carried out only by professional dental experts in their clinics. Anyone who needed to get their teeth whitened used to visit the dental clinic and spend hours and hours to see the final results. Not to mention the process of actually going to the clinic and coming back. But medicine including dental health techniques has advanced to a great extent, and there are many creative and usable teeth whitening products available in the market today. Active Wow Teeth whitening kit is one such product that is both popular and effective.

How Does It Work?

Premium kit of this teeth whitening product mainly consists of two whitening syringes, two remineralization gel syringes, three thermoform trays, whitening accelerator light, and also a tray case. It has everything that one needs to get the teeth whitened with the least amount of effort. The light-activated whitening technology helps in speeding up the process of whitening. So a process that might take more than a couple of days in the past now only takes a few hours. It saves a lot of time for an individual and allows them to take up the whitening of their teeth without worrying too much about the complications involved.

How to Use?

The process is simple, and there is a set of instructions provided with the kit that one can follow very easily. To describe in a nutshell, all one needs to do is fill the trays that have been given in the kit with the teeth whitening gel and place it firmly in the mouth. Since the tray can’t fit everyone perfectly, there are extra trays available so that one can choose the one that fits their teeth. This is an important part of the process because if the tray doesn’t fit the teeth, then some parts can remain stained. Once the tray has been fit properly, one needs to wait for the gel to do its work for about an hour. The gel is very effective starts to work even in just an hour. After that, the tray can be removed, and the gel washed off.

Final Verdict

This whitening gel is effective in removing stains that occur from caffeine beverages like coffee and tea and also from sugar that is generally found in almost all kinds of foods that we consume every day. This teeth whitening kit is a cost effective kit which can be bought by anyone and tried at least once to see if it works for them. The results are long lasting, and a good set of teeth help a person in living their life with new confidence and vigor.

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Pros and Cons

Every single thing in the world has both advantages and disadvantages to it. The only way to deal with this is to weigh in both the pros and cons and then decide whether they want to move forward with it or not. To make the process easier, the pros and cons have been listed below:


The best part about teeth whitening kits like this one is that they are easy to use and one can do it in the comfort of their home without having to go to the dental clinic every now and then. This saves a lot of time for an individual and allows them to pursue other avenues and not worry about things like a perfect smile.

Another advantage is that there are a variety of teeth whitening products from molds to gels to strips and even whitening toothpaste. So even if one method does not work out for you, you can go for the other one and try different methods.


Teeth whitening gels tend to be a little abrasive in nature. They can cause irritation if the gums are exposed to the gel. So you have to take proper care while placing the mold. Filling it with excess gel can cause rashes on the gums.

Another issue that one has to deal with while using these whitening kits is that of sensitivity. Because of their abrasive nature a layer or two of the enamel of the teeth can get eroded which causes sensitivity. It is a minor issue because it goes away in a couple of days.


Teeth whitening is a process that has been widely accepted by even the most regular people. These methods are so easy that one needs no prior experience or supervision to use the kits. All one needs to do to have the best possible experience as well as results is to research the market and choose the ones that suit them best. The results are long lasting and effective and more importantly safe to use.